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Covid-19 EVE Players - Jim Halescott

posted Mar 23, 2020, 2:51 AM by Max Singularity   [ updated Mar 23, 2020, 2:52 AM ]

#B4R - For us all...

Jim Halescott is a friend of us all and with his permission, I'm sorry to announce that he is in the midst of his COVID-19 Coronavirus infection. (He is third from the right in this Fanfest 2017 photo)

He has told me that it hurts to type, it hurts to breathe, and it even hurts when he is just sitting. His last temperature is at 38.6C (101.4F) Fever, with sweats, and he feels cold and shaking. His breathing is labored with coughing. His muscles are aching and occasionally moving just feels awful.

Please feel free to send best wishes, but asking him questions takes a pained effort to respond, so please allow him all his energy to heal.

This being said, we are both wondering how many and who is also affected. Please write to me via Facebook or Twitter and/or send me a private message if you don't want people to know, I'll just keep a confidential count of EVE Online players.

PLEASE BE WELL, and follow all the guidelines.

As for me... I'm 60 years old so I'm considered at risk. So far I've been socially distancing myself in various ways, including getting out to the local desert in my new 2002 Jeep.

Thank you, and get well soon Jim, we need you to steal our stuff!!! Blessings Be to all.

/s/ Charles (Max Singularity)


posted Dec 4, 2019, 8:13 AM by Max Singularity


The following message was transmitted from the office of His Holiness, Max Singularity, by the pontiff himself.

Max Singularity, “I am very pleased to announce that Capsuleer Captain Teal Green, has been promoted to Commanding Officer of The Teal Guard. It is no accident that Captain’s Green’s first name is Teal. Captain Green chose that name upon becoming a Capsuleer upon graduating from the Naval Academy. Her sole personal mission was to be a member of The Teal Guard corporation.
“The Teal Guard is the highest level of trust to be obtained for a Capsuleer in the Sixth Empire Alliance. These brave members serve not only as my personal bodyguards when I am disembarked from my protective capsule. They also provide the very infrastructure of logistics and operations of our Knowledge Management, and Information Systems.
“The Basgerin Keepstar Data Center was a Teal Guard corporate facility. Its recent plasmic destruction was catastrophically complete. We have lost our maps, policies, governance, and inter-alliance communications in this recent criminal act.

“It is to be noted, that our pre-established Continuity of Operations has protected the Sixth Empire Alliance operations, our command infrastructure, and our industrial base operations. Our continuity is due in large part by the efforts of Captain Teal Green. Upon the immediate absence of Zarter Kadarlet and Monk Anthar, Captain Green set into action plans to provide for my immediate protection. She and her staff came into my quarters and cited a special code with the words, ‘We need to go now’.

“We initiated our protocol and we jumped to our nullsec location, where I am located now. I am planning on returning to lowsec and highsec to address this ongoing crisis.
“Thanks to the efforts of Captain Green, I hereby promote her to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Teal Guard Corporation, a member of the Sixth Empire Alliance. Please join me in welcoming Captain Green to her new role.
“Thank you very much, and may the Blessings Be.”

His Holiness, Max SIngularity, Pontiff Sixth Empire Alliance
Chairman House Singularity


posted Dec 3, 2019, 6:37 AM by Max Singularity


Feiryred, Co-founder Sixth Empire Alliance, has held a press conference at Safizon System (0.8), regarding the Vatican Keepstar where an earlier non-combat related explosion destroyed a key internal data center belonging to the Sixth Empire Alliance.

Hosting the press conference was Pandora Singularity, Chief Diplomat for Sixth Empire.

Reporter 1, “Ms Singularity, are you related to His Holiness by your name?”

Pandora Singularity, “We are gathered here today to provide information regarding our Data Center Incident and new information as a result of our Mishap Investigation Board.  And yes, I’m his Niece, but please let us hear from Feiryred, the Co-founder of the Sixth Empire.”

Feiryred, “Good evening. It has been a while since we have released any new information regarding the Data Center Incident at the Vatican Freeport Popestar, the Keepstar of Basgerin System and the home of the Sixth Empire Alliance.

“Our first announcement is the explosions and destruction of the alliance data center was not an accident, but an act of extirpation and sabotage, the work of two well trusted Capsuleers of The Teal Guard.”

Reporter 2, “Your Eminence, Lady Feiryred, can you tell us about The Teal Guard…”

Pandora Singularity, “Please keep all interruptions mute and questions to the end of the statements by Lady Feiryred… Thank You.”

Feiryred, “The Teal Guard Corporation (HS6TH) is a Sixth Empire Alliance member ordained to personally protect His Holiness, Max Singularity, the Chair and Spiritual Inspiration of House Singularity, under a sacrosanct Blood Vow unto the Death of All Clones. The Teal Guard form the inner circle of protection from the living quarters, to special events, and fleet actions in their duties. The corporation is also responsible for the information systems that are trusted by the parent Sixth Empire Alliance.

“As a result of our investigation, Zarter Kadarlet, and Monk Anthar, both senior directors of The Teal Guard, conspired extirpation and sedition against His Holiness, Max Singularity, Pontiff of the Sixth Empire and recognized Space Pope of New Eden.

“As authorized by the Sixth Empire Alliance Holders and Directors thereof, we charge both Zarter Kadarlet and Monk Anthar of dereliction of duty, perfidy, waywardness, caprice, contumaciousness, iniquity, pertinaciousness, extirpation, and Violation of Solemn Oath. These charges are brought against these capsuleers for acts and actions as stated and to be detailed.”

Pandora Singularity, “The MIB have revealed that Zarter Kadarlet, convinced 13 Teal Guard members of the corporation, Capsuleers sworn to protect His Holiness, to desert their posts and leave Max Singularity vulnerable and open to attack. She then used her role as a director to falsely charge the 13 with dereliction of duty, and summarily kicked them from the corporation.

“Once the members were kicked, Monk Anthar, used his role as director of information to set about the destruction of Sixth Empire information systems and records with devastating success. All information regarding maps, policy decisions, documentation, industrial orders, and internal communications where vaporized in the two-phased attack of the central data center. The first phased wiped out the information electronically, then the second phase wiped out the physical data centers with several well-placed explosives. 

“While no mortals were killed in the attack, the capsuleer Zarter Kadarlet, was accidentally perma-killed in setting off the explosive charges. Ironically, all information held regarding Kadarlet’s clone mental-maps for reanimation were contained in the Alliance data centers. As a result, all her physical medical clones have been biomassed by the Sixth Empire by authority and order of Max Singularity.”

Feiryred, “Thank you Pandora. At the present time, we do not know the precise location of Monk Anthar. According to Concord, Monk Anthar, is actively registering in both Basgerin local, and our Keepstar guests lists. He is believed to be located somewhere within the Keepstar as the door to his captain’s quarters were unlocked, DNA traces have been evidenced by our Forensic Officers, and possessions were left undisturbed. All of his hanger assets have been placed in lockdown status. The capsuleer has also been locked out of any pod access protocols within the station. We have information to believe that he may have the technology to help evade detection systems and tracking. Searching a Keepstar is no small feat.

“On behalf of Max Singularity, I again want to assure our allies and members of Blue Standings that our Alliance Operations are not affected externally. Only internal information has been compromised by these terrible acts. We are presently rebuilding our data center infrastructure and removing that trusted operation back to House Singularity for future operations.

“Thank you.”

Multiple reporters shouting questions, but one can be heard clearly, “What gives Max Singularity the right to biomass all of the Medical Clones of Zarter?”  

Feiryred, “Zarter Kadarlet swore a Blood Vow to His Holiness, and was in His service when she co-conspired with Anthar. Her life was given in that oath. All her medical clones were located in Sixth Empire medical bays consuming resources, and thus promptly biomassed.” 

Pandora Singularity, “Thank You, my Lady Feiryred. If anyone has further questions I will remain.”  

No additional new information was obtained during the question-answer session.

A chat log manuscript was provided as evidence between Kadarlet and Anthar.


posted Dec 1, 2019, 10:56 PM by Max Singularity   [ updated Dec 1, 2019, 11:50 PM ]

The following is a transcript from a quick interview on Halescott Headline News (HHN) broadcast, following live coverage from Basgerin (0.4) Keepstar.

Julias Alskur, Anchor HHN

Max Singularity, Pontiff of Sixth Empire “Space Pope”

Alskur, “Your Holiness, Thank you for joining us this evening. I’m sure you are very busy with the crisis at the Basgerin Keepstar.”

Singularity, “Thank You Julias. Indeed this is a very trying time for our families who are affected by this incident. We at the Sixth Empire Alliance are doing what we can for them.”

Alskur, “I understand that up to 42 civilians, non-capsuleers were injured.”

Singularity, “Correct and four are clinging to life in ICU at our medical facilities.”

Alskur, “There is also the case of an unidentified capsuleer that has permadied. Can you tell us more about this very rare situation?”

Singularity, “Well we have identified the capsuleer. All I can say is that the deceased capsuleer was a member of the Sixth Empire, however, I can not go into further details until we wrap up a few investigations currently underway.”

Alskur, “It was reported today that several high level Sixth Empire leaders and some capsuleers were broadcasting in Dodixie this afternoon. Isn’t it a normal policy to not use Local for regular conversations?”

Singularity, “It is not our policy to talk in Local, however, with the destruction of our 6E Data Center, we have been having several strange systems go haywire at random. I have received reports of Sixth Empire members in good standing placing bounties on fellow Sixth Empire members when they did not do so.”

Alskur, “Wouldn’t this be a CONCORD issue?”

Singularity, “It is. We are consulting with them at present. It does seem one capsuleer’s computer system is placing the bounties whenever he is docked in a station. He denies taking any action. This too is under investigation.”

Alskur, “Our captured Dodixie Local Logs show that Monk Anthar had placed bounties on Pandora Singularity, she is your Niece is that correct?”

Singularity, “Yes, my Niece is Pandora Singularity. She is the daughter of my brother Paradoz Singularity who recently passed away as you know.”

Alskur, “Yes indeed, my condolences, but can you confirm that it was Monk Anthor placing the bounties.”

Singularity, “That is a matter still under investigation, and we are reviewing the logs, but yes, initial reports are that Monk Anthar placed bounties on several Sixth Empire Members. We have yet to confirm the validity of these inputs into the CONCORD system as we work with their agents.”

Alskur, “Also in the Dodixie Local logs, Pandora stated that she is a Queen. How is she a Queen?”

Singularity, “When Pandora was growing up, Paradoz and I would call her our little princess. She actually thought it was true and we continued to tell her that one day she would be a Queen. When her father passed away, Pandora, inherited a very large region on a terrestrial planet that contains three cities and several large townships. I may have told her, ‘you are now the Queen of your father’s lands now.’  I don’t have the heart to tell her otherwise, so there you go. She’s a Queen.

A member of The Teal Guard Corporation whispers in Max Singularities ear on camera.

Alskur, “I’m told you have to go, I understand. Thank you again Your Holiness for joining us on Halescott Headline News this afternoon.”

Singularity, “Thank you Julias, HNN is the news you can use. Blessings Be.”

Alskur, “There you have it from the Space Pope himself. We will continue following this situation as it continues to develop. Back to you.”

/End of segment

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posted Dec 1, 2019, 11:15 AM by Max Singularity   [ updated Dec 1, 2019, 7:49 PM ]

Basgerin (0.4) Vatican Keepstar

Rose Hips, Public Information Officer (PIO), Sixth Empire Alliance

Today’s update: We can confirm that 42 mortal civilians have been injured. Four are in critical condition and under intensive care. Twenty five have been released from our medical facilities. The deceased capsuleer did not reanimate and is permadead. The Sixth Empire is in possession of one medical clone and two jump clones of the deceased capsuleer, which we are maintaining until we complete our investigation.

All fires within the Keepstar have been subdued and first responders have stabilized the areas affected. We can confirm that the Sixth Empire Data Center that houses our internal information systems, maps, policies, and inter-alliance communications are catastrophically destroyed. Additionally, all remote backup systems located on several of our Upwell structures were electronically wiped moments before this incident.

The cause of the destruction appears to be from several Tagra-Plasma burning charges placed in key locations to maximize physical damage to the Data Center. As a result of this evidence, we have moved the investigation from an accident investigation to a criminal investigation. The Sixth Empire has engaged and informed CONCORD Special Agents in order to share information, as there does seem to be the issue of the deceased capsuleer possibly involved.

The identity of the deceased capsuleer is still being withheld for now as required for operational security. We can confirm that the deceased capsuleer was a Sixth Empire member.

His Holiness Max Singularity, has made 3D Virtual Reality Avatar visits to each of the injured civilians, except for those in intensive care.  His Holiness is safe in a remote station guarded by The Teal Guard Corporation.

Activity in the senior leadership, as well as with several of our blue standing friends are very high as the investigation proceeds, and the alliance enacts its continuity of operations protocols it had previously instituted for a situation like this.

For Diplomatic inquiries, please contact Pandora Singularity, Chief Diplomat, House Singularity, Sixth Empire Alliance.

On behalf of His Holiness, Thank You.

Rose Hips

Public Information Officer (PIO)

CEO Zero Dot Zero (Z.Z)

Sixth Empire Alliance


Previous NEWS FLASH: Click here for November 30, YC121

NEWS FLASH Nov 30, YC121

posted Nov 30, 2019, 7:36 PM by Max Singularity   [ updated Dec 1, 2019, 7:50 PM ]

NEWS FLASH: Internal explosions are currently being detected in a Keepstar owned by House Singularity of the Sixth Empire. Reports of thousands of workers and residents are being evacuated from several decks of the Keepstar located in the Basgerin System (0.4). This is the largest non-combat related industrial accident to be recorded in an Upwell Citadel Structure.

Information is fluid but reports indicate that the location is approximately the internal main information data centers of the Sixth Empire Alliance. While there are several injuries, one body appears to be that of a capsuleer. The identity of the capsuleer is unknown at this time, and there is no information if the capsuleer was able to clone or be reanimated through controversial methods.

Pandora Singularity, Chief Diplomat and spokesperson for Sixth Empire just released a statement, “I can confirm that the central hub data center for our alliance is presently down. At present, our core information systems and backups are not responding to remote calls. We, however, have a very robust continuity of operations and on behalf of Max Singularity, I can assure you, our allies, and all members of blue standings that our operations are not affected. The Vatican Keepstar is fully operational, all internal operations of the Keepstar remain fully functional.  I can also confirm that we have taken custody of a deceased body of a Capsuleer. For operational security, we are withholding the identity of the capsuleer while we formerly launch an Accident Investigation (AI) and convene an emergency Mishap Investigation Board (MIB) of senior alliance personnel. In precaution, The Teal Guard, the Pope’s inner security corporation, has clone-jumped with Max Singularity to a safer location in null-sec. This is all I have confirmed at this time that I can convey to you.” NEWS UPDATE: Click here for December 1, YC121

The strange PVP rules of the Sixth Empire

posted Dec 27, 2018, 3:55 PM by Max Singularity   [ updated Dec 29, 2018, 6:24 PM ]


EVE Online was built from the ground up as a Player-Vs-Player (PVP) game. Everything inside the New Eden cluster, from mining, building, and industry is to support the giant war machine of exploding ships in space.  Now while it is possible to play EVE Online and never fire a shot, the foundation of the game still resides.

The Sixth Empire is not a war-based combat alliance. We do not capture space for power. We are not a ‘land-grab’ alliance as are most other well-established alliances. While those naval alliances ply the jump-lanes with battleships and capitals, the Sixth Empire has a unique mission.

The Sixth Empire is the Coast Guard of New Eden. We provide a home for lost pilots, or for those that simply need a place to rest while between major alliances. It is also a place for our members to socialize and enjoy the game, and that does include some PVP activity as well, but unlike other alliances, our rules of engagement are a bit more complicated.


Ok this will be hard to understand for some.  There are NO requirements to be a PVP player in the Sixth Empire. None. Nada. Zip.  If you don’t want to PVP, that’s ok.  There are no mandatory operations. No fleet calls. None of the things you would expect in another ‘combat’ alliance exists in the Sixth Empire. There are no mandatory fits. No ‘doctrines’. Nada.


If you are part of a ‘special team’ in the Sixth Empire that is based on PVP, then there are indeed requirements for PVP which may include operations times, doctrine fits, and more, but those are only for those special teams. Ship reimbursement is TEAM DEPENDANT and may not exist at all. Only special teams know of this status.


  • Combat Air Patrol (CAP) - This is a special team that protects mining or PVE operations in a solar system occupied by the Sixth Empire. There are specific rules of engagement based upon the region they are performing CAP functions. Low-sec and Null-sec are vastly different.
  • Roaming Teams - This is a special team that runs out in low-sec and/or null-sec looking for a fight. These teams must abide by the Sixth Empire Regional Rules of Engagement.
  • High Sec War Dec Combat Team - The HSWDCT is a special team that forms up for some fun in high sec for those that war dec the Sixth Empire.  This team has several restrictions that the other teams don’t have under the rules of engagement, but, they can expect to die in a fire and have fun doing it.
  • Spectre Fleet (and similar) - The Sixth Empire can join EVE Fleets by other organizations but there are restrictions that are based on diplomatic standings. Shooting a blue may cause a diplomatic incident and often the offending pilot may be held accountable for the full or partial reimbursement of the loss.
  • Pope's Teal Fleet - The Teal Guard is a corporation devoted to the personal protection of His Holiness, Max Singularity. However, The Teal Guard can't always protect the Pope in deep space, so players of the Sixth Empire form a Teal Fleet in his honor. (In reality, this is usually a suicide mission to die in a fire for fun and laughs.) All pilots are required to have at least Amarr Battleship Level 1 and able to fly an Amarrian Apocolypse Battleship (but this depends on the mission at hand).


Did you read the above? If you did you will see that there are no mandatory combat operations. That allows most of us to log on when we want and do what we want according to our lifestyle. THUS... if you undock, don't fly what you can't afford to lose or replace. If you fly without a protection fleet that may not exist, you assume all risk to your ship. Harden up or don't undock... or... better yet... help create the special teams as mentioned above, but whatever you do, don't cry about your loss.


(Classified) - Our rules of engagement are documented and available to our members and spies only.


Yes the Sixth Empire does PVP, but our rules of engagement are restrictive and our membership in PVP is limited to special teams. There is no expectation that line members are PVP required to participate.

We hope this clears up some expectations when joining this unique alliance. Enjoy the game!

/s/ Max Singularity

We have a really big CoC!

posted Dec 27, 2018, 3:19 PM by Max Singularity   [ updated Dec 27, 2018, 4:42 PM ]

Hello all members (and future members) of the Sixth Empire…

Our senior leaders are doing much to run the Alliance.

Remember, it is a game, and we all do it for fun. Our alliance is a little different than all others and that is what makes us unique

All members are required to read our Code of Conduct (CoC).

Let me tell you about it. Our Code of Conduct was not a copy and paste document. It was written over the years by incidents in our alliance. Please don’t make us expand this document. We are all playing EVE online for various reasons, mostly to have fun. 

We have no problem making changes when we are not having fun. Remember, you can always depart on good terms if that is the only option. Otherwise, abide by the CoC, as it has been written through the fires of previous drama that we don’t care to visit again.

We also have a Cardinal Of Communications (COC) which is not to be confused with the CoC.  The COC is a Cardinal that will communicate and remind all players of the Sixth Empire's big CoC. The position also will alert the senior leadership by a CoC ring of any CoC issues that may arise.

Sixth Empire COCs:
Current: Princess PI VII
Previous: Nick Dirkers
Previous: Feiryred

Enjoy your game, have fun, and please review the Code of Conduct.  I will honour our leadership decisions, so help us build the alliance to be a better place and game for all.

Thank you all.  Let’s play EVE Online!

/s/ Max Singularity

You should fix that...

posted Dec 27, 2018, 2:33 PM by Max Singularity   [ updated Dec 29, 2018, 6:27 PM ]

When people join an alliance, they think they are joining an organization that is already functional, and pre-built "out of the box" like going to the store and buying a new television. Well, that's not how alliances work. Everything an alliance does is held together by teams, and teams that are led by a team leader. Sounds like work?  Yes, because it is.  

Good alliances have good leaders that build the teams. Teams that know what to do, and are well practised at what they do.

If you plan on joining the Sixth Empire Alliance, there is a good chance that you can be a leader. One of our mottos is "Sixth Empire, Leadership Positions Available". Those that build the various types of teams EVE Online requires usually have a good time in-game, and enjoy good communications and comradery. 

However, there are those that join thinking that the 'brand new' out of the box shiny Sixth Empire functions as a well established long-time running alliance will be in for a disappointment. 

Example: Let's say you want to fly in Basgerin our low sec system. You warp to one of our moon mining facilities where a juicy low sec moon was just blapped by our citadel.  So you undock in your Orca, and use your three alts to fly hulks and drop the ore in the orca.  In low sec, this is a risk because any other player can scram you, web you, and call for friends to come help blow up all four of your shiny ships.  Your kill mail is in the mail and posted on the killboards for all to see.

So what do you do? 

Option 1: Rage quit and cuss out the Alliance leadership and maybe even the Space Pope himself for not using his divine powers to protect you in-game.

Option 2a: Don't undock until you are certain there is a protection fleet to protect you.  If no such fleet exists, there... RIGHT THERE... is a 'leadership opportunity'.  If you are not a PVP type person, then recruit one to create a standing fleet. Get them to practice operations near the mining operations. Create a team!

Option 2b: Once the protection team is ready... undock your mining operations in close coordination with the protection team.

Option 3: Undock without protection, but only fly what you can afford to lose or replace, then don't cry about it if you lose it.

This is how alliances are built and remain fun for everyone.  They don't come pre-fabbed out of the box. They are built FROM THE BOTTOM, not the top.  The top provided you with a Low Sec System and a Keepstar.  The top provided you with a null sec system with diplomatic relations and various structures in a fairly stable part of null sec space.  The top is not going to do it all, it must be built from the bottom.

So if you are the option 1 person, then goodbye Felicia because you are not here to help build the alliance anyway.  Maybe consider building something together.  

Sixth Empire

/s/ Max Singularity

Google's Privacy Policy for Sixth Empire Free Site

posted May 24, 2018, 10:22 PM by Max Singularity   [ updated May 24, 2018, 10:22 PM ]

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