So you maybe butthurt. Gotcha. We understand. There is a chance you might not feel butthurt and you also maybe in denial.  We are here for you.

Maybe you are butthurt because your fleet mate didn't rep your ship in time, and its lost because of him. Of course it's his fault, not yours.

Maybe you got...
[  ] PVP'd
[  ] Ganked
[  ] Scammed
[  ] Anything CODE
[  ] Marketed by .01 isk
[  ] Lost an argument in local
[  ] Your fleet commander yelled at you
[  ] Got podded when they told you they wouldn't pod you
[  ] They would not undock when there was 20 of us to teach him a lesson

Again, we understand. I know that you think they are a blobbing poopy pants who should be banned from EVE forever, and they deserve to be hunted down like a dog and shot dead (in-game) at their station, or rounded up and herded into Amarr slave camps.  Maybe.

We have heard it all before, after all, EVE Online is going on 15 years and none of this is new.

That is some quality butthurt.  So allow us to help you with this.

EVE Online is a game.
Wait wut? A game?  Here is the definition of a game from the dictionary (they still have these in schools yes?)
Ok so lets look at the noun form (1.) above. A form of play. Play might have to be defined as well but lets just say it means, "engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose".  So, not serious, not practical, and recreation. But back to game... it also is 'competitive' and decided by skill or luck. 

As an adjective, in (1.) above, it is to do something challenging, which may mean you might not make the challenge. That is called failing, but don't worry, failing in a game is ok because... it's a game.

Gaming as a verb in (1.) states that a game maybe is unfair or unscrupulous. People that 'game the system' is a common phrase. 

Lets sum it up... EVE Online is a game that is competitive, decided by rules of skill, strength and luck, and players play EVE Online to do something challenging and recreational that is not serious, and finally there maybe elements that are unfair or unscrupulous.  Wow.  Good going CCP for making a game that fits the definition of a game.

Maybe its not the game. Maybe its not the players. Maybe its not CCP.  hmmm.  That leaves you brave pilot.  Let's talk about out-of-game skills of yours in the next section.

Being a good sport...

Oh now I feel it. You're getting mad. You believe you are a good sport. Well sport, maybe you are not. You don't deserve to win a game just because you showed up to the game. I know you might have a trophy on your shelf for the participation award where no score was kept when you were a kid, but that is a different type of game, and not EVE Online. Actually, there is no score in EVE Online, because you can't really win (or lose) EVE Online. It is each person's subjective goal. Some people win EVE by not playing at all, and yes, that is ok too.

So how do you handle failing, and how do you define what failing is?  Is it the loss of your shiny ship?  Is it the loss of your Azbel Citadel that your mom purchased on her credit card that you could have, only to be stolen by The Thief?  (<--- That is a true story by the way.) hmmm... maybe.

Well there is a chance that nobody ever had the chance to teach you about being a good sport.  Here are some 3rd and 4th graders that can teach you about being a good sport... and what it is like when other people you see you acting like a bad sport...

YouTube Video

Harden the F' Up!  HTFU...

So there are some limits. The game is the game and what happens in the game stays in the game!!!  If you decide to be a bad sport and take the game out of the game, then not only will the community not want to play with you, but the company CCP may also not want you to play their game.  The BANHAMMER is real.

YouTube Video

It's simple though...
In section 6.A.5 of the EULA states as follows...
6.A.5 You may not submit any content to any chat room or other public forum within the Game that is harassing, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, libelous or defamatory, encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liabilities, or is unlawful in any other way, including without limitation the submission of content that infringes on a third-party’s intellectual property rights.  (That's legal talk for 'don't be a cunt'.)

In section 6.C of the EULA, you agree to follow compliance with the rules of conduct. Here is the entire EVE Online Rules of Conduct Terms of Service.

Crossing the line...

If you can't learn about being a good sport, and you continue down the road of butthurtness and nerd raging... then be careful because being a really bad sport can lead to bad behavior, and that behavior maybe unlawful in many nations and/or states.  It's not worth it. There are a ton of guidelines and new rules regarding Internet behavior. Personal threats are now being taken seriously (even if just a joke) so don't do it. Rather, learn to be a good sport from the 4th grade kid above (you did watch that video right?).

Case studies:
(1) Alliance leader permanently banned , PC GAMER (Case of Gigx)
(2) Was CCP right to ban this EVE Online Player, Eurogamer (Case of Erotica1) 
(3) EVE Online Bank Scandal, IGN (Case of Ricdic)


That does not apply to behavior in the game if that is part of the game.  You can't call the police because someone stole your Citadel (and yes, we know of one story where someone tried to the laugh of all). You can be scammed in EVE Online. You can be ganked. That is part of the game. Imagine playing Monopoly and someone took Park Place from you. Calling the police for Monopoly is the same as EVE Online.  

And... we have all met this kid (this is a satire video with EVE subtitles that have nothing to do with what he is saying in German. The kid was actually playing an Unreal Tournament) and there are tons of other EVE Online videos like this. Check out "Ten Tron" on YouTube.  OMG.  Don't be a rager-- (but if you do, make a YouTube video!)  
Nope, not normal. Not normal at all...

YouTube Video

Are EVE Players are all psychopaths???

Well the answer to that is No, and Yes. Wait wut?  There is no evidence that supports EVE Online players are any different cross section than the general population. Your actions in game do not reflect your actions in real life. Remember, it is just a game. Now remember, if there is the same cross section of players in the general population that are in EVE Online, then there maybe a ratio of psychopaths that have chronic mental disorders with abnormal or violent social behavior, just as there are a number of Airline Pilots, Stock Brokers, Bankers, Truck Drivers, and even a few Rocket Scientists.  There is NO connection with your in-game thief, to being a real world thief.  Again... it's a game, and how a player plays a game is how they game the system.

The Poker Face...

Maybe you don't have close friends that play poker. But if you did, you would know that when you are playing the game, you 'bluff' which is a valid and key part of the game. You don't give away your hand by making a happy face, or you do to fool your opponents. That is how poker is played. EVE Online is not the same, but we do have our Poker Face in EVE.  Not related... but here is a tutorial on a Poker Face just for reference.

YouTube Video

We will rob you, scam you, blow up your ship, wardec your corp, disband your alliance, and do all the bad things in game that make EVE Online game headlines... BUT BUT BUT... that is our Poker Face. It is only during the game!!!

EVE Meetups, EVE Vegas and Fanfest...

There is not many things more fun than hanging out with well balanced, good sport, EVE Online players from all the -10 red alliances.  At EVE meetups, everyone loses the Poker Face and will often buy their enemies drinks. They laugh about the game, and tell stories. Some of them embarresing and some shameful, but it is the good sports that laugh along and join the party. Everyone likes a good sport whose stinky butt is not so hurt.

Go to one in your area and enjoy the kinship we EVE Online players have for each other.

Oh and B4R...

Because we care about our fellow players. We want you to stay alive, so we can kill you in game.  And now a song by Lukas the "weird Swedish dude" and Max Singularity...

YouTube Video

Be a good sport, and see you on the undock!