#B4R - Broadcast 4 Reps

Broadcast For Repsis an online-based initiative organized by fellow gamers to allow players to talk when they are going though critical times in their lives.  The chat/text hashtag #B4R is used when a player wants to talk, and it is a signal to everyone that the person is not joking or 'trolling' when they need help.  

As a result of a fellow player losing his life to suicide, the players and CCP Developers were motivated into action, and produced the B4R video (posted below, please watch).    

If you need to #B4R, please check out the video below, and know you are NOT ALONE. The best way to chat is the Discord Channel, but know that you can join the EVE Online in-game chat channel "Broadcast For Reps" or "Broadcast4Reps".  The #B4R hashtag is also supported on EVE Online channels in Reddit, Facebook, Skype, and Twitter. However, the posted Discord channel is the best recommended location as moderators there are always on standby to help, and chat.

YouTube Video

If you feel that you need critical help, then there are the support numbers provided below by the Spam For Heals non-profit organization.

Spam For Heals Resources:
Sixth Empire... 

The Sixth Empire is an in-game community that supports the B4R movement, and the efforts of S4H above. We provide an in-game environment where capsuleer who feel 'lost in space' can hang out and shoot things together. The motto, Answer All Calls, encourages everyone to talk with someone, anyone and always #b4r.  The Sixth Empire is fashioned as the Coast Guard of New Eden taking in and rescuing lost pilots.  Pilots are free to join and leave at will, or stay and help support other pilots in our mission. As an in-game organization, we provide an in-game experience where players can destroy things, steal things, and do all the things that EVE Online allows us to do.

Our in-game chat channel is "6E". 

Fly safe, and always #B4R