The Sixth Empire Alliance

The Sixth Empire is a conceptual organization of people that gather together to care for our fellow players of EVE Online.  The 'Sixth Empire Alliance' is a group of in-game corporations that have organized to be the Coast Guard of New Eden.

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Check out our How To Join page, and our list of Corporations of Holder Corps, and Faithful Corps. Our play-style is very relaxed with no 'mandatory ops' because most of us are working professionals. Real life always comes first in our ethos and extended leaves from the game are allowed.  We also have our share of live streamers and known celebrities in the alliance.

To understand our standings with major alliances, please review our case studies on our Diplomacy page.

About The Sixth Empire...

The Sixth Empire is a unique player-based organization of the Internet Spaceship Game of EVE Online. Created by players Max Singularity and Feiryred in 2015 (YC117) the role of the in-game organization of the Sixth Empire Alliance is to provide rescue to players that have lost their way in the galaxy cluster of New Eden. To provide those lost souls a place to hang out and socialize while they are between major alliances, or to have a (minimized) free drama home.  Our motto is to "Answer All Calls" because that is what coast guards do.

The Sixth Empire Alliance is NOT a land-grab power play-style alliance as most EVE Online corporations, alliances, and coalitions are. Instead, the Sixth Empire has negotiated with the larger alliances to accomplish their mission. The Sixth Empire is even friends between alliances that are hostile to each other.  It is by the grace of these larger alliances that have made the Sixth Empire mission possible and have gifted us the following resources.

Our in-game 'gifted' resources:
  • A low sec Keepstar station that is freeported in the Basgerin System (Press Release) (About the Popestar)
  • A null sec sov system codenamed "Sarkis" in the Delve Region (Press Release) (Null Sec Life Page)
  • Two high sec mining systems with complete Citadel city support stations and Moon mining.
  • A Role playing system in Safizon where Jamyl agro'd Max Singularity in a Titan.
  • A wormhole system codenamed "Atlantis"

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