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Where We Rescue

We of course rescue locally. We are fortunate in our area to have wonderful homes and decent animal control facilities to work on finding new homes for wayward dogs.

Many areas of our country are not so diligent in providing adoptive services, veterinary care, shelter and/or sustenance to be able to pursue adoptions. Many states’ laws and practices do not even contemplate abandoned or stray dogs being adopted. The dogs just wait to die if the "owner" does not return within a specified time. Some barely wait at all. Such is so frequently the plight of the southern dog.

We join with animal rescue leagues, smaller rescues, individuals and private volunteers to rescue generally along the entire East Coast and into the Central United States to adopt in our area. We have rescued from areas further away but setting up a string of contacts necessary takes lots of communication, time and skill.

Many areas in our country need our good local homes for great dogs who are eager to learn and develop impressive skills. Many facilities fear German Shepherds and misjudge the breed, wrongly believing they are not "family" dogs or are too "big" or are "black" and are thus scary.

We believe that God will judge a man by that which he chooses in his life to treat as trash. And there can be no better friend, guardian, and family member than a German Shepherd.