the fantasy unleashed™

shonk is a departure from Nitmar Intaprys' standard brand of literature by introducing a substantial mix of both medieval fantasy and science fiction elements to the canon. In addition, it has an independent critic award-winning storyline arc, which includes many of the characters from the series PhØni (the previous webcomic project by the authors of shonk). Longtime Nightmare Enterprises character designer Innemy Ahgent had his first time in a directorial position during the last book in the series' publication.

The upcoming PC game was praised for its unusual combination of action and role-playing, as well as its unexpectedly harmonious mix of literary, three-dimensional gameplay, and comic elements. Two titles are currently being developed by Sirme Taknite, and will take advantage of a new engine, entitled dreamScape. Both games are set to be in the past events of the series, which lead into the newer graphic novel's story arc. Working titles for the games are shonk: rewind and bef0re twist: shonker's legacy.

Enn M. Eh's illustrious flair will be showcased in the soon to be released manga-style adaptation of all the canonical events so far, also to include a full-size timeline poster, with an exclusive interview on the reverse side.