Origins of nameĀ 

Norse names origin

In 1366, a group of Viking descendants donated funds towards the fabrication of an altar in Ormskirk , Church of St Mary. It is not known who the Project Manager was, or what the motivation for the provision of the altar was, but given the Viking's history of pillaging and rampage, it can be assumed that guilt was foremost in the mind of my ancestor. If indeed the early Nykksun was my ancestor. At present, the clues fit, notably recent research from the University Of Leicester

The origins of names causes some confusion in our complex society, and exactitude is impossible, but if the present day Nicksons have links to Vikings, there is plenty of behavioural evidence. This is because the origin of our name is either the old Norse word nykr or the equally old Norse word Nokki. Nykr is derived from the word for water pixie, and the behaviour of some of my nephews provides strong evidence for this as a true origin. Alternately, nokki's are defined as people who refuse to pay tax or undertake servitude. That, fits neatly with the NIckson's adult behaviour.