The truth of Tiananmen event in 1989

Actually, the 89 event in Beijing is a colour revolution made by US.  It just like other colour revolutions, such as The Soviet Union's collapse.  What the media had showed to us was a lie and the aim is to internally dissolve a country by itself. 




What is the Truth about Tiananmen Square?


The Tiananmen Square Massacre Myth - Gregory Clark

Tiananmen Square ‘massacre’ was a myth

By Deirdre Griswold

The Japan Times: Black info and media gullibility: creation of the Tiananmen myth

By GREGORY CLARK (1 July 2011)


The Tiananmen Square Confrontation

Rewriting History for a new Generation


CIA's War against China
(by Ralph McGehee | December 1999)


Eclipse: The Last Days of the CIA
It also details considerable new information on how the CIA provided defense information to Saddam Hussein that would later be used to confuse American bombers during the Iraqi War, how George Bush undermined CIA independence, the CIA's role in the student massacre at Tiananmen Square, and why the White House did not respond to warnings that Iraq would invade Kuwait.
The film :  Tiananmen

"1989 Tiananmen Square Incident" Pictures Show

What happened before and after June 3, 1989 at Tiananmen Square
-- Pictures released by Chinese government after the incident
(Source: The Beijing Riot - A Photo Record by New Star Publishers, Beijing 1989)

The Japan Times: Sri Lanka and Tiananmen: Time to accept the truth

By GREGORY CLARK (1 June 2009)

Asia Times:The many truths of Tiananmen

By Todd Crowell  (8 June 2004)


The new Gladio in action? - By Jonathan Mowat  (Please refer to the 4th paragraph )


From the “Tiananmen Massacre” to the "Lhasa Protests”


The Truth behind the Tiananmen Incident

The excerpt of online posts penned by YST, a resident in Taiwan Province, and its English translation:


A Student's Account of the Tiananmen Incident

The following is the excerpt of an online post penned by 老气横秋, and its English translation:


A Scholar's Recount of the Tiananmen Incident

The following is the excerpt of an online post penned by 彩云舒, and its English translation:


Why None of the "Student Leaders" Died in the "Tiananmen Massacre"? (1)

The following is the English tranlation of the excerpt of a popular online post in Chinese titled " "很多学生死了", 为何柴玲, 吾尔开希, 李录等发起人却还活着? ", penned by an unkown author:'t_die.htm


A Witness' Account of the Tiananmen Incident 1989

The following is the excerpt of an online post penned by wanxi398 and its English translation:


Americans hate


CIA Operations in China—Another CIA Domestic Op?

By Ralph McGehee, [April 1996]


Book Review: China hand

Lilley was witness to of the most troublesome periods in Asia. Japan had been defeated in World War II just a few years before and the Korean War was at its height. The CIA operation at that time was (1) to support the 1.6 million KMT soldiers left behind in the mainland, (2) to aid the "Chinese third force" composed of former KMT officers who supported neither Chiang Kai-shek nor Mao Tse-tung and who hoped to return to the Mainland to overthrow the Communist regime and (3) to undertake operations to collect information from the Mainland.


After George H. W. Bush won the White House in 1988, Lilley was appointed Ambassador to China and arrived back in Beijing in March 1989 to find himself in the midst of the start of the student demonstrations at Tianamen Square. He called it rightly "stepping on a volcano." The chapter on the events in Tianamen Square is worth studying for it explains Beijing's handling of the demonstrations and the subsequent political implications for the rest of the world. With his vast experience as an old China hand, Lilley was able to manage the months during which chaos descended on China. Lilley offers his personal views about the future of China and Taiwan, two prosperous but politically troubled nations in East Asia


The Myth of Tiananmen

And the price of a passive press

From Columbia Journalism Review, September/October 1998

By Jay Mathews




The tank man did not died, this is the full version which is seldomly seen in Western countries.

The English reporter was lied on this event.


Wikipedia: Colour revolution


The official website of The Albert Einstein Institution.  Their works in recent years can be found in the Annual report.


Wikipedia: Gene Sharp – father of the colour revolution


Colour Revolutions: The View From Moscow and Beijing

- Jeanne L. Wilson

Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts

The Geopolitical Agenda behind the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize

By F. William Engdahl, October 2010
Independent Pen Center-

Who control the media who can win the game.  The Pen center is an institution sponsor by American government to public the anti-government issues to other countries and delivery literary to those countries.


Let's Talk About Tiananmen Square, 1989

My Hearsay is Better Than Your Hearsay


Iran event:

Robert Fisk’s World: In Tehran, fantasy and reality make uneasy bedfellows

If you can read chinese, you can also take the below website as reference