I'm Stephen Elliott.  Excuse the boring template.

For a broader look at my job history, see my LinkedIn profile.

Things I've worked on:

While at the Bank of England (central bank of the UK):
  • Various search applications using Autonomy IDOL, over datasets including economic time series.
  • Web apps using ASP.NET, JavaScript, C# and SQL Server (including keeping the executive team updated during the 2008 financial crisis).
  • An economic forecasting system (COMPASS) which can parse, construct and solve DSGE economic models - while keeping all the checks and balances needed to produce an auditable economic forecast.
  • Matlab code to construct official UK yield curves using a variable roughness penalty method (based on cubic splines).
While at QuBit (a startup founded by ex-Google staff):

  • High-throughput components of MapReduce systems (using Hive and Cascading, programming in Java and Clojure)
  • Real-time processing of huge volumes of real-world data, using Storm together with Trident abstractions.

You're welcome to message me via LinkedIn, or email elliott dot sp at gmail.