Research Areas

Adaptative Therapeutics & Robust Genome Editing Technologies
My research is exploring the development of more precise, programmable and adaptive technologies for changing the treatment of genetic and viral diseases (e.g using genome editing). Applications of my work in this area includes precision targeting of viruses with CRISPR/Cas systems that are robust to resistance mutations, and more effective and safe human genome editing technologies. A video describing the application of this work in designing resistant 'proof' antivirals can be found here. 

Predicting Evolutionary Processes using Network Science and Artificial Intelligence
Evolutionary processes drive emergence of new diseases including viral disease outbreaks, cancer initiation and metastasis, and understanding these processes could help address genetic diseases. My research seeks to develop approaches for predicting the course of evolutionary processes in order to unravel molecular basis of disease emergence and guide targeted prevention and treatment of disease.  

New Approaches for Scalable Scientific Research & Learning in Artificial Systems
My research is leveraging collaborative approaches to research such as open science and developing automated approaches for decision making in biological and non-biological systems using machine learning/ AI approaches. Applications of my research in this area includes developing algorithms for automated scientific discovery and point of care diagnostics. 

Geoffrey Siwo,
May 8, 2018, 12:04 PM