Research Summary

Geoffrey H. Siwo
I am currently a research assistant professor at the Center for Research Computing and the Eck Institute for Global Health, University of Notre Dame, IN, USA. My research focuses on developing scalable technologies for solving important biomedical challenges using a combination of approaches including genome editing, machine learning/ artificial intelligence, emerging computational technologies and frameworks for scientific discovery such as open innovation.  

My research is informed by fundamental properties of biological systems that unify biology with computation. For example, the ability of biological systems to encode, decode and store information as well as form interconnected systems. These properties enable biological systems to process information at multiple scales, adapt to short-term challenges through learning and in the long-term through adaptive evolution. I apply the properties to solve problems in biological and non-biological systems, for example, to enable targeted interventions to disease, to design synthetic biological systems and develop new AI learning algorithms for efficient decision making in automated systems.