Cheat Sheets

Having Rosa Parks/Wilson teachers (or SITP facilitators) lead small group activities: Cheat Sheets

Small-group activities are a great strategy for maximizing student engagement as well as maximizing efficiency, and having so many adults available makes it an easy strategy to utilize. SITP fully supports small-group activities, with the following caveats:

  • You must provide detailed “cheat sheets” for anyone other than you who will lead a small-group activity. This document gives the activity leader clear guidance on:

        • What the learning goal of the activity is
        • What the instructions are (for the leader and the students)
        • An answer key (or other key information that the students will be discovering during the activity, that the leader should be able to verify as correct/incorrect)
        • How long the activity should take
        • Where the activity should take place (if outside the classroom), with a map if necessary
        • What to do if students finish early
        • Anything else that will help the teacher lead the activity just as you would

There is a place at the end of the template to link any cheat sheets you’ll be using, but you should also have a printed copy that you hand to the classroom teacher first thing during your daily meeting that day (that is, not immediately before they’re supposed to start the activity – you want them to have time to look it over and ask any questions).

You can also consider putting your cell phone number on the cheat sheet, so that if the teacher gets lost or has a question, they can reach you.

  • If the students are broken up into groups multiple times during the week, make sure that each group gets the same amount of time with you (the museum educator – i.e. the expert!). That is to say, if you lead Table 1 on Monday, then lead Table 2 on Tuesday, Table 3 on Wednesday, etc. Don’t only lead Table 1 all week long.
Sample cheat sheet (front) - Gives instructions for small group leaders to lead the activity
Sample cheat sheet (back) - Shows small group leaders what they're looking for in the exhibit