Curriculum Checklist

When museum educators create/update SITP curriculum in the Google Drive, the SITP team reviews it to look for the following elements. In the same way we encourage making rubrics available to students so that they are clear on your expectations, we invite you to use this checklist as you develop/update curriculum.

To download or print a copy of the checklist, click here.

Intro Page:

        • Does the summary describe the big idea of the week, and include authentic connections?
        • Does the guiding question capture the big idea of the week?
        • Are there a reasonable number of objectives?
        • Are the objectives achievable in 5 days?
        • Does the assessment effectively address the learning objectives and guiding question?

Week at a Glance:

        • Is it color coded?
        • Is there at least 30 minutes per day in the galleries/exhibits/park (NOT including snack)?
        • Does it reflect correct start and end times?
            • Rosa Parks - 12:00 pm - 3:50 pm
            • Wilson
              • AM 9:20 am - 11:45 am
              • PM - 12:30 pm - 2:55 pm
              • Thursdays per 1 - 8:35 am - 9:50 am
              • Thursdays per 2 - 10:05 am - 11:20 am
        • Is the time appropriately allocated? E.g. How is the day starting off? How is the day wrapping up? How much time is being allotted for snack? (15-20 minutes for RP snack; 5-10 minutes for Wilson snack)
        • Does the Week at a Glance schedule reflect what is actually happening at those times during the day?
        • Is there a plan for 4-day weeks, with a revised Week-at-a-Glance if needed?

Curriculum Overview:

        • Do each day’s learning goals build towards the overall learning objectives?
        • Are the learning goals reasonably achievable in one day?
        • Is the evidence of achievement tied to activities?
        • Are there a reasonable number of vocabulary words, and are they the words we will hear the students using during the week?
        • Do the engagement activities:
              • draw on students’ prior knowledge, and/or provide a common experience that will act as a foundation to build new knowledge, and
              • provide a hook to spark students’ interest and create buy-in?
        • Do the exploration activities build towards achieving the day’s learning goals?
        • Does the reflection activity allow students to summarize the day’s learning and/or activities, either orally or in writing?
        • Do the activities include enough description to provide a clear idea of what’s going on?
        • Do the day’s activities match sequentially with what’s listed in the Week at a Glance?
        • Are there links to videos or other resources where appropriate, and do the links work?
        • Is the role of the teacher specific and clear for the classroom teacher to understand and follow?

Back Matter:

        • Are the standards listed reflective of curriculum content and activities?
        • Is the assessment linked (if it’s a handout of some kind)?
        • Is the assessment rubric and/or scoring key linked?
        • If classroom teachers/facilitators/other adults will be leading small group activities, are the cheat sheets for those activities linked?
        • If there are any other student handouts (worksheets, packets, articles, etc.), are they linked?
        • Is the illustrated vocabulary updated and linked?
        • Are all of the above linked materials uploaded to the Resources folder within the Google Drive folder for this rotation?
        • Are there additional bridging resources linked?