Understanding the curriculum template and developing plans in alignment with SITP program goals

Table of Contents


Guiding Question

How to write a good guiding question

Guiding question evaluation checklist

Guiding Question Examples and Analysis

Learning Objectives

How to write good learning objectives


Description and benefits of authentic assessment

Examples of authentic assessments

Setting students up for success


What is a rubric?

When to use a rubric

How to make a rubric

Week at a Glance

What’s the purpose?

Plan for 4-day weeks

Curriculum Overview

What is the intention behind the design?

Daily Learning Goals

How to develop daily learning goals

How to write daily learning goals

Using backwards planning to define learning goals

Evidence of Achievement

Academic Vocabulary

Engagement Activities

What is an engagement activity?

Why are engagement activities important?

Tips for engagement activities

Examples of engagement activities

Exploration Activities

Characteristics of good exploration activities

Tips for exploration activities

Checking for understanding

Reflection Activities

What is a reflection activity?

Why include reflection activities?

Examples of reflection activities

Role of the Rosa Parks/Wilson Teacher

What to consider when defining the role of the teacher

Ways to engage the teacher

Having the teacher lead small group activities: Cheat sheets

How to write the role of the teacher in the template


What are the state standards, and where can I find them?

Standards FAQ

Additional Materials

What materials to link

How to link materials

Bridging Materials

Illustrated vocabulary

Bridging materials FAQ

Using the School in the Park Google Drive

SITP Google Drive Organization

Curriculum template “ownership”

Updating the SITP curriculum

Uploading materials to the Google Drive

Curriculum Checklist