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Use the sub page listing gadget

1. This gadget rolls up subpages. To insert  the subpage listing gadget, click "Edit page"

2. Click insert "Subpage listing". (note: the Table of contents rolls up headers on a particular page, where the subpage gadget rolls up children of a particular page).

3. Give your gadget a title and choose your properties, and click save.

Add page to the subpage gadget

1. If you want a page to automatically appear in the gadget you need to make sure you are creating the page under the parent selected. Click "Create page".

2. Select your page template and give the page a name and select the location in the hierarchy where your page will live. Sites gives you a couple of default locations, but you can "Choose a different location".

3. If needed, click "Choose a different location"

4. In the Select Page dialog you want to select the parent page. The Select page gives you 4 ways to find the parent page Search, My changes (your recent site changes, Recent site activity (the entire sites' recent activity) and the Site Map which shows you the entire structure of your site. (this is my preferred method of finding the parent page) :)

5. Select the parent page

6. and click "Select"

7. You will see the path change to your new location. Click "Create Page"

8. Your page is created. You can add content

9. Click "Save".

10. Now lets just confirm that your newly created page, shows up in the page listing gadget. Click the parent breadcrumb.

11. Verify that your newly created page is listed.