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Replace a spreadsheet

When your template was created, embedded Google Spreadsheets, Documents and Spreadsheet Forms were also created. If you are the template creator you can find them in your Documents listing.

If you are logged into your Google account, you can navigate to your Documents by clicking "Documents".

Create a new spreadsheet to use in your site

1. Navigate to your document listing, click "Documents".

2. Create a new spreadsheet.

3. Edit the spreadsheet.

4. You must share your spreadsheet with members of your site. If your site is public, you need to make it viewable by everyone.  Click "Share", then "Invite people..."

5. If your site is private (only shared with you or a few other people), then you can invite members here. If your site is public, then click on the "People with access" tab.

6. Click on the "Change" link.

7. Select "Let people view without signing in" or "Let people edit without signing in".

8. Click "Save & Close".

Replace an existing spreadsheet

1. Edit the page.

2. Find the spreadsheet and click on the image.

3. Click the "Properties" link.

4. Click "Change".

5. Select your spreadsheet and click "Select".

6. Adjust the properties and click "Save".

7. When you are done editing the page, click "Save".