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Replace a map

First, create your map.

(If you already have a map, skip to the instructions for inserting the map in the page.)

1. Go to (or your local version, such as, etc).

2. Click on "My Maps".

3. Click on "Create a new map".

4. Add a title and, if you want, set the privacy settings. Click "Done".

5. Search for your first map location.

6. When you have found the location you want, click on the map marker.

7. In the marker dialog, click on "Save to My Maps".

8. Select the map you created earlier.

You will see a confirmation message. You can click "View map" and see that your location was added.

9. Repeat for as many map points as you want.

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Replace the existing map with your new map.

10. Edit the page

11. Find the map you want to replace and click on it.

12. Click on the "Properties" link.

13. Click the "Change" button.

14. Select "My Maps".
Note: if you want to replace the map with a single address, you can just type your address into the Maps tab.

15. Select your map and click "Select".

16. Adjust your map settings and click "Save".

17. When you are finished editing your page, click "Save" and your new map will appear.