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Add a Picasa photo album or photo

Remove the photo album

1. Click "Edit page".

2. Click on the PicasaWeb Slideshow image and you will see a properties bubble pop up. Click "Remove".

Insert a photo album

1. In the Insert menu select Picasa Photo or Picasa Web Slideshow.

2. If you select slideshow, you will be presented with a dialog to insert the URL of your PicasaWeb album. To find that URL, in a different browser window navigate to

3. In Picasa navigate to the Album you want to showcase. Click the album.

4. In the album, click on "Link to this album".

5. Copy the link.

6. Navigate back to Google Sites and paste in the copied URL. Click "Save". 

Insert a Picasa Photo

1. If you selected Picasa Photo, a dialog will pop up showing your existing Photo Albums. Select the Album that contains the photo you want to use.

2. Choose the photo and click "Select".

3. When you are done editing the page, click "Save".

Upload a photo to Picasa

Select Upload photos, browse your computer for the file, select the album you want the photo to be in, and click "Upload".