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Add and remove pages from navigation

The side navigation can be put in two modes: automatic and manual.

When in automatic mode, pages automatically appear in the sidebar when created, and are removed when they are deleted.
In manual mode, pages can be added and removed via the navigation configuration.

Change the navigation settings

1. Access the site layout page using "Edit sidebar" at the bottom of the sidebar.

2. Access the navigation configuration using "Edit" on the box labeled "Navigation."

Check or uncheck "Automatically organize my navigation". In Automatic mode (pages automatically appear in the sidebar when created) you can select the number of levels of your site hierarchy. If you uncheck "Automatically organize my navigation" you will get options to manually organize your navigation.

Manually organize your navigation

In this mode you can add any page in your sites, or external URLs to your navigation and organize it however you like. It is important to remember that in Manual mode, pages are NOT automatically added to your navigation. You can add pages from the Configure Navigation dialog or you can add them directly from the page via page settings.

Manually add pages

Click "Add page".

The dialog that pops up allows you to find your pages in many ways:
1. Search for the page name.
2. "My changes": this shows the last pages that you have modified.
3. "Recent Site Activity": this view shows you the most recent pages in the entire site that have been modified.
4. "Site map": this allows you to navigate the entire site hierarchy to select the page to add.

Add a URL to your navigation

If you want to include a link to an external site, in Manual mode you can add the link and organize it as one of the navigation items. Click "Add URL".

Enter in your url or email address that you want to include and the text to display.

Add to the navigation from the page

Navigate to the page you wish to add. In the "More actions" menu, select "Page settings".

In the Page Settings dialog, check "Show this page in the sidebar". Pages added through this method will be added to the bottom of the navigation. You will need to manually organize your navigation items from the "Configure Navigation" dialog.

Hide the Navigation title

If you don't want to display a title on your navigation you can hide it by unchecking the "Display title" checkbox.