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Add and remove list items

Templates will often have sample list items.

Delete a row

1. To delete these items simply click on the list row.

2. Click "Delete list item" in the dialog.

Add a row

1. Add new list items using the "Add item" button.

Customize the list

1. Change the columns and default sort order using "Customize this list."

Add a Recent List Gadget to another page

Once you have created a list page, you can add a Recent List gadget on any other page in your site.

1. Click "Edit page"

2. Click "Insert" and select "Recent list items"

3. Fill out the properties, including which list page to show, which columns to display, and how to sort. When you are finished, click "Save".

4. When you are done editing the page, click "Save" and you will see your Recent List gadget.