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Create pages

Only owners and collaborators can create and edit pages in your site.

1. Click "Create page".

2. Select the Page template you want to use (learn more about page templates) and give your page a name.

3. Select the location in the site hierarchy for your page, by default new pages are created at the top level.

4. If you choose a different page location, you will get the option to select the parent page for the page you are creating.

The Select Page dialog gives you 4 ways to find a page.
"Search": search for the parent page by name.
"My Changes": displays your last 10 recent page changes.
"Recent site activity": displays the last 10 recent page changes in your entire site (from you and other users).
"Site map": displays a hierarchical view of your site.

5. Select the parent page, and click "Select".

6. When the dialog closes you will see an updated page path, confirming your new location.

7. Click "Create Page".