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Tech for Educators

Educator / Class Website - Template

A class website template with elements of Google Sites for educators, highlighting the content students most want on the home page. Create your own site with this template.

Showpiece Website

This site features simple, large-button navigation to work equally well on web browsers and mobile devices. Website pages are created automatically when site owners fill out a form with items, pictures and details.

Massage Therapist's Website

I created this website by manipulating the html of the Google Site; the navigation and page elements are custom. Learn html basics to customize more in your own sites. 

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Professional Profile -Template

This website template features exactly what you need for a professional web presence without all the extra hard-to-fill-in content. Create your own site with this template.

More Templates

Check out a selection of sites made in Google Sites, including some that you can use as templates to create your own site.