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Add button to Linkedin profile

posted Mar 27, 2012, 8:47 PM by Julie Sharma   [ updated Aug 8, 2015, 12:11 PM ]

linked in

Easily add a button to your Linkedin profile with this gadget. (If there's already a button on your page--perhaps from a template--you can remove it before adding this custom button).

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  1. image of insert menuclick on the pencil edit screen pencil to edit the page (top, near-center) to edit the page
  2. put your cursor in the place you want the like button
  3. click on Insert 
  4. click on ... More gadgets
  5. on the left side, click on Add gadget by URL
  6. then, in the box to the right, paste the url below in red (note: remove any text already in the box before adding this url)

  7. click Addimage of add gadget by url
  8. in the Add this gadget to your page box, 
    1. change Linkedin Profile URL to the url of your public Linkedin Profile; to find this 
      1. sign in to your Linkedin account
      2. access your settings
      3. edit public profile
      4. under You public profile URL, copy your current url
    2. at the bottom, uncheck Include a border around gadget and Display title on gadget
  9. click Ok
  10. click  Save  to save and view changes
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