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Add Recent Entries list

posted Sep 2, 2012, 6:06 PM by Julie Sharma   [ updated Aug 8, 2015, 11:45 AM ]

recent posts
You can easily add a gadget on your page that automatically updates with recent entries on an announcement, list, or file cabinet style page.  You can see a sample of these gadgets in at the bottom this template (the assignments box shows recent posts, homework shows recent list items, and materials shows recently updated files).  First, set up the webpage, and then add the gadget.

Set up webpage

  1. sign in to your website
  2. click on  to create a new page
  3. type the name for your page 
  4. under Select a template to use, choose either
    1. Announcements (works like blog entries)
    2. file cabinet (allows your to upload/store files and links and webpages)
    3. list (allows you to add items to a list with customizable and sortable columns/header options, has a URL link option)
  5. click Create
learn how to include this new page in your navigation with this tutorial

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Add the gadget

  1. go to the page where you like to have the gadget (for example, you can add the gadget to your home page)
  2. click on the pencil edit page to edit the page
  3. put your cursor in the place where you'd like to have the gadget
  4. click Insert (top left corner)
  5. click either 
    1. Recent posts (if you created an announcements-style page above)
    2. Recently updated files (if you created an  file cabinet-style page above)
    3. Recent list items (if you created an  list-style page above)
  6. in the window that opens, for Show posts from, choose the page you created above
  7. select how many posts you want to show
  8. depending on the page type you created above, you may see additional options:
    1. for recent posts (announcements style), choose if you want to show short snippet, medium snippet, or full post
    2. for recent list items (list style), choose which columns you want to include and how you want them sorted.
  9. remove the check in the checkboxes below if you do not want a border and/or if you do not want a title above the gadget
  10.  (if you do want a title, change the words in the title box to reflect the title you want to display)
  11. click  Save   
  12. click  Save  to save and view changes
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