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Use page template

posted Apr 1, 2012, 4:15 PM by Julie Sharma   [ updated Aug 8, 2015, 11:28 AM ]

Page templates can be great ways to make webpages in your site consistent.  You can create your own (learn more) or use the built in Google Sites page types.  For example, you can create a blog-like page using the announcements style, a page that lists files and/or website links using file cabinet style, or a customizable list using list style.  Learn more on ways you can use these types of page templates.
  1. click on (top of page, you only can access this when NOT IN edit mode)
  2. in the box marked "name your page," type a name for your new page (note-you can give your page a name but change the URL by clicking on "change URL" (for example, if your page name is long but you want a short URL, type the long name in the box, but click on "change URL" to make a shorten URL) 
  3. click on the box below "Select a template to use" select the desired template from the options of 
    1. Webpage 
    2. Announcements (like a blog) 
    3. File Cabinet 
    4. List 
    5. or see here to create your own template 
      (if you have Google Apps for Business or Education, you might have additional template types)

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  4. under "select location" choose where you want the page to be--if you don't see the location you want, click on "choose a different location" (for example, if you want the page to be under the home page, click on "home;" if you want it under another page, find the page and click on it) 
  5. click "Create" 
  6. make desired changes to the page 
  7. click "Save" to save and view changes 
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