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A Google Sites Editing Guide

posted Sep 19, 2012, 7:47 PM by Julie Sharma   [ updated Mar 12, 2015, 6:17 PM ]

When you first create a Google Site, it can take awhile to figure out how to change your site to include the content you want with the look you want.  To help new Google Sites users get started, here are a few tips on where to go to add content and make changes to create the website you want.


How do I get rid of the comment area on the bottom of the page?
This is done through More > Page Settings > uncheck Allow comments

Two types of editing for Google Sites:

  • page-specific edits (changes to an individual page such as adding content, images, gadgets, to one page)
  • overall edits (changes made to the entire site such as modifying header, footer, sidebar, navigation, and overall colors and fonts)

Page-Specific Edits

Most page-specific edits are available by clicking on the pencil edit screen pencil (top, near-center), which enables the following menu bar:

edit page

Examples of page-specific edits include
  • Insertinserting images, links, gadgets, documents, maps, groups, drawings, spreadsheets, calendars, charts, presentations, and more
  • Format: formatting text on the page as headings, sub- or superscript, or code and setting text alignment 
  • Tableadding tables
  • Layout: changing page layout to one, two, or three columns or left/right sidebar
  • adding and formatting text
  • link icon icon: creating a weblink
  • Tx: removing text formatting
  • <HTML>: modifying the page html
more action button page options
You can access additional page options by clicking on more button (top, near-center), which gives access more options, including
  • Revision History: to see a list of recent changes
  • Page settings: enable/show: titles, subpages, comments, attachments
  • Move page: to nest/unnest the page
  • Save/Change page templates:

Overall-Site Edits

Most overall-site edits are available by clicking on more button (top, near-center) > Manage site, which gives access to the options below:

manage site

Manage Site, you can 
  • Recent site activityview recent site changes
  • Pagesview a list of pages and/or move pages to nest below others 
  • Attachmentsmanage site attachements
  • Page templatesmanage and create Page templates
  • Apps Scriptsmanage Apps scripts (programs) associate with site
  • Deleted itemsview or recover deleted items
  • Generalchange site name or description
  • Sharing and Permissionsshare your site and/or set access permissions for who can edit, view, or comment on your site and/or pages on your site
  • AdSenseadd AdSense to your site to earn revenue from ads
  • Web Address: change the url of your site to that of your own domain (i.e., map your site to

Note: General, Sharing and Permissions, AdSense, Web Address, or Themes, Colors, and Fonts only appear for those with owner access to a site, so those with only edit access to a site will not see these options.