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Tables: Change Size (Basic and HTML)

posted Apr 1, 2012, 3:01 PM by Julie Sharma   [ updated Aug 8, 2015, 11:28 AM ]

*for more on html, see HTML basics

Change Table Size in Regular Edit Mode

  1. Select the pencil to edit the page (top, near-center) 
  2. Select the table cell you want to resize 
  3. Move your mouse-pointer arrow to the border of the cell on a white box. You should see something like this around the table cell you want to change:
  4. When the arrow appears, click and drag the side either bigger (higher and/or wider) or smaller (shorter and/or taller) to resize 
  5. Select Save to save and view changes
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Change Table Size in HTML

  1. Select the pencil edit screen pencil to edit the page (top, near-center)
  2. Click on the section of page (in order to put the cursor there) where you want to change the table size
  3. Select <HTML> (in the top tool bar)
  4. Search the html for something like this (hint: use ctrl f or command f and search for <td to find something like this:

    <td style="width:269px;height:412px">

  5. Change the width and or height numbers to adjust size, but be sure to keep the original use of punctuation (quotation marks "" colons  : semi-colons  ; and the letters px)

    For example,  changing the html to this
    <td style="width:500px;height:412px">

    would make the cell wider, but with the same height: more on html and tables.

  6. Select Preview to preview the size changes you made (note that in HTML preview, gadgets will show as gray boxes and will not show their actual size)

  7. When you like the changes, select Update
  8. Select Save to save and view changes
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