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Add a Page to Navigation

posted Mar 26, 2012, 7:06 AM by Julie Sharma   [ updated Feb 1, 2015, 10:37 AM ]


I used to change layout a different way. What happened?
Google has introduced (late 2012) a new way to edit the layout of your site. As of early 2013 the old way (More > Manage Site > Edit site layout) still remained, but give the new way a try: it uses many of the same functions, but they are accessed by simply clicking on the area you want to modify.
I can edit a site but I don't see the option to edit Site Layout. Why?
Only site owners can access site layout settings
You can easily add pages to your horizontal navigation (add a tab) or sidebar navigation through options on Edit Site Layout. You can add links to pages on your website (step 5) or other websites (step 6). Create a new page
  1. click on the button (top, right) 
  2. click Edit site layout 
  3. your screen then turns in to the site layout editor; first be sure the type of navigation you want is enabled (when enabled, the box at the top (circled in red below) will appear a slightly darker color gray as shown)
    1. in the boxes at the top, if you want horizontal navigation (tabs), be sure the Horizontal navigation option is enabled 
    2. in the boxes at the top, if you want sidebar navigation, be sure the Sidebar option is enabled 
  4. then, to access the navigation editing options, 
    1. for horizontal navigation:
      1. hold mouse over the horizontal navigation area (tabs) 
      2. click on it (a Edit horizontal navigation pop up will appear, too) 
    2. for sidebar navigation:
      1. hold mouse over the Sidebar area (right or left) 
      2. click + to add a sidebar element 
      3. scroll to navigation box in the list and click Add 
      4. find the navigation box just added to the sidebar, hover and click 
      5. to move the order of sidebar gadgets, simply drag and drop them within the sidebar 

  5. In the Navigation Properties box, you can add, remove, and move pages:
  6. To add a page from your website: 
    1. click Add page
    2. click on (so that it is highlighted) the page you want to add from the sitemap (note you may need to click on the + to be able to see subpages). 
  7. To add a page from a website outside the current site 
    1. click Add URL
    2. in the box marked "Text to display" add the name you want to appear in the navigation 
    3. in the box marked "URL or email" paste the URL of the page you want the navigation to link to
  8. select Ok (below sitemap) 
  9. in the box titled "select pages to show," you should see your new page added to the bottom of the list. If you want the pages to be in a different order, use the arrow keys to move the pages to desired order and/or to indent pages (indented pages will show up as drop-down menus from horizontal menu item) 
  10. select Ok
  11. select Save (at top) to save changes or Preview to preview before you save
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