Welcome to the Google Site Setup Guide! 

This site will show you how to create, manage, and edit your first Google site.

Specifically, this site contains helpful information on:

  1. Creating your Google site
  2. Creating and managing the individual pages that make up your Google site
  3. Managing your Google site
  4. Determining your Google site's specific settings
  5. Creating your Google site's specific appearance
  6. Editing your Google site's content
  7. Inserting media into your Google site
  8. Creating your Google page's layout
  9. Providing a venue for collaborative learning 


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This site has been created for the purpose of assisting distance students in the University of Libraryland's remote, online-based library and information science program in completing their Introduction to Library and Information Science course's required subject guide assignment.

For this assignment students need to create a subject guide on a topic of their choice, using a virtual medium (such as Google sites) to display the guide.

This site will replace the traditional in-person instruction session by using screen shots, tutorials, collaborative knowledge-sharing and encouraging active learning to enable students to create their first Google site.

By: Janelle Pattara
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