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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

(No Site, Starting from scratch)


Hour 1:  Creating Your Site and How to Edit

Step 1: Creating a Site  
Step 2: Adding Pages

Hour 2:  Organizing Your Site and Adding What You Want

Hour 3:  Sharing Your Site and Next Steps

Step 9: After Today

(Existing site, ready to take it to the next level)


Hour 1:  Review/Checking Your Foundations

Have you created a site, and are you comfortable adding and editing pages?
Are you all good with your organization, and do you have a system for a calendar, and/or handouts?
Have you shared your site with your students and/or others? 
So, how would you like to improve your site today? 

Hour 2:  Getting Started on the Action Plan

Personalized feedback/Individual Projects (individual)

Possible Topics:
Embedding Google Stuff (Docs, Slides, Forms, Images)
Embedding Other Stuff (Embed, iFrame, HTML)

Hour 3:  Next Steps 

Checking In 
Tips for increasing student usage
Setting up your own domain?