Over the past few years, very few people have contacted us regarding the subject of Military Modelling. Despite this, we know the Craft is "alive and well"

John O'Brien is probably best known to SITE O Members as the author and Webmaster of the excellent "Guns of Western Australia" Website:

What Members may not be aware of however, is that John is also a keen Military Modeller.

His work in this area is nothing short of outstanding - and he has also produced what can only be described as "a definitive Website" on the subject. It is called "Toy Soldier - On Line Gallery".

"Toy Soldier - On Line Gallery" can be viewed at:

If you are at all interested in Military Modelling, then you really must see this Site. Aside from its own excellent content - it contains a superb set of links to other Websites on the subject. They will save you an awful lot of time, trolling through search engines - looking for good information. This Site really is your "One Stop Military Modelling Shop!"