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Rules and functioning of the network

The Coopla-net network is an horizontal structure aiming at : 
  • Promote network members, knowledge and tools / diffuse knowledge on participation

  • Exchange and support between networkmembers

    • Active feedback of experiences

    • possible opportunities

    • support, advices

    • experience, tools, advocacy

  • Common projects development - 3 kinds of projetcs

    • Networking / mutual training

    • Projetcs with mirror catchments / territories within different countries

    • Localised project that need support from the network

  • Provide an identity to the network members

  • Capacity development between members and from members to outside the network. 

We have a turning secretariat made up of 2 members which is responsible for :

      • webmastering, info and news update

      • editing and publishing reports

      • checking action plan implementation

The regulation of the network, including rules for expanding the network, is still under construction.