Welcome to the Coopla-net network

Coopla-net is an international network of local actors of change who have been accompanying local change dynamics in their communities
using some of the CoOPLAage tools.

The Coopla-net network aims at fostering exchanges between the local dynamics and structuring an international community of practice.

It has been launched in November 2016 in Marrakech, on the occasion of COP22.
Current members are present in Africa, Latin America, Europe and Oceania.

The Coopla-net members are recognised as CoOPLAage ambassadors and head of local networks in their sub-regions. The engagement and deontology of Coopla-net network members is enshrined in a charter signed by all members.

This website is a window and a platform for the Coopla-net network. Backgroung information and documents on the CoOPLAage suite are available on the CoOPLAage website