The 27-year-old São Paulo lawyer, Oswaldo, suffered from being overweight. He started practicing some sports when he

 lost weight a little, but over time the excessive weight caused him a lot of pain in his knees. Practicing sports has become unfeasible. Tired of methods that do not work, he tried something new: the Freeletics application. With the use of this modern personal digital trainer in a short time Oswaldo changed his body and his history. Watch the video and check out the transformation:

Oswaldo used the Bodyweight application, a training system in which the user uses only his own body weight. The workouts last about 15 to 30 minutes. The app is free, but offers a custom workout plan for subscribers to the COACH function. That was the plan used by Oswaldo.

Based on personal information such as: height, weight, age and previous activities, the program adjusts the training to the needs of each one. With the application in the palm of the hand it is possible to train any day, anytime anywhere, without excuses.

Rather than boosting fitness, Freeletics also increases will power and self-confidence, important factors in changing the athlete's lifestyle and making him achieve his goals.

Freeletics has a vision: Every person in the world has the potential to shape your life, be the best version of yourself and lead a full and happy life.

In just three years the company has become a leading global brand in the digital fitness industry. Today it has more than 11 million users in more than 160 countries and has become one of the most successful fitness movements in the world.

What really matters in Freeletics is the community. The millions of digitally connected users motivate each other to achieve their goals, thus forming one of the greatest fitness movements in the world.