Hello Word learner.  This site will provide you one stop solution for all your vocabulary learning! If you are preparing for your GRE, IELTS or TOEFL exam, you are in the right place. If you want to know word origins or want to learn techniques for remembering words, I'm here to help you. If you want to know: Which Dictionary best suits you? or, Which vocabulary program is best? even which books are good for word learning? You will get the answers of all the questions here. So keep in touch with this site. Check the Navigation section to the left for links to word learning.  The Sitemap lists all the pages.

Vocabulary Building

Before building your vocabulary, you have to know for which reason you are building your vocabulary. After knowing the reason, you can decide from where you should learn to increase your vocabulary. For example, you are appearing for GRE exam, but you are building your vocabulary from a TOEFL exam book or a 8-grader vocabulary learning book. Then it's for sure you are losing. The vice versa is also true. So, at first make your objective clear.

It's your site

This site is designed for word learners. My ultimate objective is to help the English vocabulary learners to build a superb vocabulary with many fruitful techniques. Any kind of suggestions are cordially invited. You can contact with me at any time.

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There are certainly some amazing websites, where you will find your necessary books! But be very cautious about the copyright status of the material! I'm not liable in any case if you violate the copyright law!!! I'll provide the links of the sites whenever possible. The book review and program review sections of this site may contain these kind of information.

Vocabulary Book Reviews

Whenever you search for a good vocabulary building book, you will find a lot of them. But unfortunately most of them are bogus, time consuming. They give some ludicrous announcement and claim as a best vocabulary building book or program whatever there content be!

This site will review some wonderful books, programs and dictionaries, so that you will not hesitate to purchase the best one.Check out the sidebar menu! Read all the book reviews in this site and makeup your mind.

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How Can I Remember?

The main problem of vocabulary learning is the ability of remembering! How can one possibly be able to remember all of this unfamiliar words. It is tricky and it is easy. Yes! I said easy! I will provide 3 types of tricks:
And obviously, there are many more techniques like: mnemonic, I'll also tell you about these!