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Sandeep Koranne

Recent Performances Sitar Concerts

Recent performance : Raga Mala

Sandeep was born in New Delhi, India, in a family of distinguished musicians.

His first music lessons were from his grandmother when he was 4 years old. He learnt the Sitar starting from age 6 and gave his first public performance on National Television as a child prodigy at the age of 10.

Sandeep is a disciple of Shri Mal Shankar in the Maihar-Beenkar Sitar style. He has extensive knowledge of Raga music, vocal as well as instrumental.

Sandeep has performed regularly on All India Radio (AIR) national radio service of India, and has given concerts in Sacramento, Sunnyvale, and now in Portland.

Besides his interest in music Sandeep has a Masters Degree in Computer Science and performs research in mathematics and electronics.

He is available for private concert & instruction:

Contact : sandeep.koranne at gmail