In order to achieve our goal of making this the best experience it can be for our players, everyone is expected to chip in.  Outlaws Lacrosse players invest in themselves, friends, and community and take ownership of this experience -  and so do their families.  To help bring us together, we have instituted a volunteer incentive fee of $50.00 for our program.   When your player signs up, you will be charged a volunteer incentive fee.  To earn back your fee, you need to complete 2 jobs per player.  SELL credit hours earned cannot be used to pay the volunteer incentive fee - this is too difficult to track and could result in a transfer of cash from the program to individuals which is prohibited.

To sign up for the jobs, either call Tresa Glatz  549-0039 or email btij@msn.com

It is our hope that every volunteer incentive fee is returned this spring.  This would mean that we came together as one club for the benefit for our players and town.  

Jobs List: (click on each for a fuller description)

Field Set Up and Breakdown (7)

Benches (1)

Videographer (35)

Announcing Games (10)

Scorekeeping (24)

Warrior Day  (50)

Father Daughter Dance 


    Setup (20)

        Yurts (April set up, takes about 2 hours per yurt)

    Cleanup (20)

    SPRD - Keep building Open

    Management / Answers / Concessions Marketing / Trash Management (60)

    Scorekeeping (75)

    Videography (8)


Summer Camp (20)