Sisters in Story

Juilene Osborne McKnight and Eileen Charbonneau

As Sisters in Story, Eileen Charbonneau and Juilene Osborne-McKnight perform parallel Celtic and Native American stories.  Both writer/teachers have been telling traditional stories for more than two decades.  They have gathered their stories of parallel cultures into the book Sisters in Story, which is available for publication.

 Juilene Osborne McKnight is an acclaimed novelist of Irish history, legend, and myth (I Am of Irelaunde, Daughter of Ireland, Bright Sword of Ireland, Song of Ireland).  She is a seanachie (storyteller) and teacher of Celtic culture and history.  Juilene  has performed at universities throughout the United States and has been the featured speaker at such colleges as Colaiste Naomh Padraig (College of St. Patrick) in Carlow, Ireland and at the Young Writer's Festival at Youngstown State University in Ohio.  Juilene has been the keynote speaker at the National Convention of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and at the convention of the Pennsylvania State Library Association.

 Eileen Charbonneau has been involved in community, regional, and academic theatre all her life.  She’s written and directed her own celebration of Native American story, Manituwak, The Place of the Spirits, with  a grant from the Ensemble Studio Theatre of New York.  Her storytelling has reached many audiences, from North Dakota, to Chicago to Virginia.  She is the award winning author of 10 novels, including I'll Be Seeing You, The Randolph Legacy, Rachel LeMoyne, Waltzing in Ragtime, and The Woods Family Trilogy.