Social reformer and Educationist
(1886 - 1969)

Sister Subbalakshmi was most well known for her rescue and education of child widows, many of whom went on to become leaders in various walks of life.

Although that is what she was most known for, she was also responsible directly and indirectly, for the starting of many institutions that are even today considered forerunners in education. 

She was not one to seek publicity, and so it is chiefly through Government records, and the testimonies given by the thousands of women whose lives she touched, that one gets to know of the magnitude of her achievements.

As a nominated member of the State Legislative Council she has spoken boldly about various issues that are still relevant. Her work for adult education, rehabilitation of evacuees, and other work for the betterment of women and children were way ahead of her time. 

In November 1928, her evidence and interview for the "Age of Consent Committee", under Sir Moropant V.Joshi, was crucial in advocating education as the tool for delaying early marriages of girls.

Article by Sriram V. in The Hindu, 3rd August 2012