Salut e aribeben a pagi dis, plaskia nis inergo lektur informa multi peri Frater e informa graf in Frater! Estrem ot blog dis es fabor Frater, debelop interes peri lingua dis e presen ili a demo omo multi inergo sur geo tuta. Frater es lingua fakto internasion, kreat per Pham Xuan Thai e publik in anu 1957. Ili es lingua tauma, sekur ben plus lingua fakto multi omone. Pro optik bel ot Frater, antrop nesesa kones, Frater ergo kak. Ili, na inergo lektur Frater, eureka futur plasdis stofmulti interes tele. Sur pagi dis nis eureka futur informamulti peri Frater e testumulti graf in Frater. Frater es ne lingua neo. Ili abe temdis kuintidekakuadri anu, sed antrop multi kones ne ili. Si ni je kones ne ili sura temdis, studi ili suragri!

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Hello and welcome to this page, where you can read a lot of information about Frater and the information written in Frater! The purpose of this blog is to promote Frater, develop interest in this language and present it to as many people as possible in the whole world. Frater is an international planned language created by Pham Xuan Thai and published in year 1957. It is a miraculous language, certainly better than many other created languages. In order to see the beauty of Frater, one must know how Frater works. The person who can read Frater, will find here very interesting things. On this page you will find information about Frater and texts written in Frater. Frater is not a new language. Now it is fifty four years old, but many people do not know it. If you too did not know it until now, study it immediately!
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