Speaker Instructions

Oral Session
Presentation Time:

 Presentation Discussion
 40min 5min
 Invited 25min 5min
 Regular 15min 5min

Audio Visual Equipment:
  1. LCD Projector
  2. Microphone
  3. Laser Pointer
Speakers should arrive 20 minutes before the start of the session, and confirm their names and institution information to the session chair.
Please use your own PC for your presentation.

Poster Session
Board Size: A0 (W 841 mm x H 1189 mm)

The title of your presentation, the names of all the authors, and their institutional affiliations should appear at the top of your poster. 
Poster presenters should set up their poster at least 30 minutes before the start of their poster session.
Please disassemble your posted materials at the end of the session. 
Any materials left on the poster board afterwards will be removed and discarded.

All contributions to the conference, both oral and poster presentation, will be published in the proceedings of extended abstracts.
A copy of the proceedings is included as part of the registration fee, and will be available at the registration desk.

No-show Policy
Papers that are accepted must be presented at the conference by the authors themselves. Presentations by proxies are not allowed, unless explicitly approved by the SISPAD 2017 Technical Program Committee Chair. In case a paper is not presented at the conference, it shall be deemed a “No-show.” No-shows will be removed from post-conference distribution and will not be available on IEEE Xplore or other public-access IEEE forums. Exceptions to this policy will be made in rare and unusual situations by the SISPAD 2017 Technical Program Committee Chair only if there is evidence that the no-show occurred because of unanticipated events beyond the control of the authors. Authors of no-show papers wishing to appeal the no-show status of their paper must appeal by email to the SISPAD 2017 Technical Program Committee Chair no later than 14 days after the start of SISPAD 2017 and must provide evidence to convincingly demonstrate that their absence was as a result of forces beyond their will and control. Decisions on appeals will be made by the SISPAD 2017 Technical Program Committee Chair based on the supporting evidence provided. Failure to meet the appeals deadline will automatically result in rejection of the appeal.