Invited Speakers

  • Masanori Hashimoto (Osaka Univ.)
    Soft Error Rate Estimation with TCAD and Machine Learning
  • Yung-Huei Lee (TSMC)
    A New Method of Time-Zero and BTI-Aging Vt Stability to Forecast Advanced Planar and FinFET SRAM  Reliability
  • Andreas Schenk (ETH Zurich)
    The Impact of Hetero-junction and Oxide-interface Traps on the Performance of InAs/Si and InAs/GaAsSb Nanowire Tunnel FETs
  • Kurt Stokbro (Quantum Wise)
    New Approaches for First Principles Modelling of Inelastic Transport in Nanoscale Semiconductor Devices with Thousand of Atoms
  • Sivakumar P. Mudanai (Intel)
    Unique Challenges in Compact Modeling