Thursday, July 21 (8:00 – 12:00)


Presentation of the Workshop and agenda of the day (introduction paper)


Keynote talk by Dan McQuillan. "Social Innovation Assemblages"


Session 1: Social Innovation: Research and Practice

Information Markets for Social Participation in Public Policy Design and Implementation.
By Gregoris Mentzas, Dimitris Apostolou, Efthimios Bothos and Babis Magoutas
Social Media for Social Innovation. Towards a multi-layered analytic framework.
By Elena Pavan, Mario Diani and Claudia Padovani.
Structuring E-Brainstorming to Better Support Innovation Processes.
By Lorea Lorenzo Uribarren, Osane Lizarralde, Igor Santos and Alexandre Passant
Social media revisited. User generated content as a social innovation.
By Bastian Pelka, Christoph Kaletka and Ralf Kopp


Coffee break


Session 2: Social Media, Community and Participation

Retweet Reputation: A Bias-Free Evaluation Method for Tweeted Contents.
By Shino Fujiki, Hiroya Yano, Takashi Fukuda and Hayato Yamana.
Beyond Financial Support: Helping Citizens Transition from Welfare to Work.
By Nathalie Colineau and Cecile Paris

Community Engagement through Social Media.
By R. Jayakanthan


Interaction Break-out Session around the collaborative drafting of a Manifesto on Social Media for Social Innovation, summarizing the challenges and proposals discussed at the workshop. Chaired by the workshop organizers.


Summary report from the breakout session and final recap

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