Southern Inner Suburbs Local Exchange Trading System

A Community Trading Alternative that offers Prosperity, Peace of Mind, Skill Sharing, Friendship, Support and Purchasing Power! 
A whole new world of trading awaits you!

What is SISLETS?
SisLETS is an alternative means of trading. It is a non-profit voluntary group of people who trade skills, services, goods, produce, labour, etc. from one person to another in exchange for ‘units’. The system is open to anyone willing to join and trade. SISLETS is a part of a world-wide trading system called L.E.T.S (Local Exchange Trading System). There are hundred of LETS groups in Australia and overseas – many inter-trade via the on-line system – ‘Community Exchange System’: www.ces.org.za. SISLETS is based in the inner southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

How Does it Work?
Members advertise their Offers and Wants to other members in LETS groups via the on-line system or trade their wares at a SISLETS Community Market. Trading takes place in 'units' (instead of dollars). Each transaction is credited or debited to a member’s account. Members have access to their trading statements or accounts via the on-line system. If you do not have computer access other members in the group help you – this is what makes LETS so wonderful – an opportunity to share skills and resources to benefit everyone. Click here for more information.

What's Available?
What’s on offer varies depending on the resources of the members in the group. Here are some of the more common goods and services offered: Secondhand goods, clothing, alternative therapies, arts, crafts, gifts, massage, hair cuts, computer skills, catering, plants and garden assistance, produce (homemade &/or homegrown), domestic services, counseling, transport, tuition/advice - and much, much more. If you are unsure what you can offer the group take a look at our Ideas for Offers page.

Debit or Credit
It doesn't matter whether your account is in debit or credit (within reasonable range – a debit limit has been set of 300 units). SISLETS is about TRADING between members not 'profit' and wealth accumulation. So it is not necessary that you 'deposit' into your account before you start trading - as soon as you join you are eligible for trading to make use of all the wonderful opportunities available through LETS.

SISLETS Community Market
The SISLETS Community Market is the monthly focal point of the group. It provides a great opportunity to trade and see what's on offer and 'buy' without spending precious dollars! A large amount of goods, services, food, etc. are traded at markets. They are also a great social activity providing an opportunity to meet other members and make new friends. There is a Café at the Market and the Clarence Park Food Co-operative is also open for trade offering food and produce at very reasonable prices. The best way to get the most out of LETS and find out how the system works is to come to a market. Ask at the Café for help if you are new and someone will chat with you, tell you how to trade and introduce you to other members so you can get started with your trading. The market is open to dollar paying as well as LETS members so the bargains are for everyone! Markets are held the first Saturday of every month (except January) between 10.30am and 12.30pm at the Clarence Park Community Centre, 74 East Ave, Black Forest. Click here for current market dates.

SISLETS Newsletter
To keep you informed and up-to-date on what’s happening, new members and offers and wants in the group the SISLETS Newsletter is posted to you on a regular basis. It contains current offers and wants from members, information about activities in the group, introductions to other members (new and old), etc. Your membership fee covers the cost of producing and mailing the Newsletter.

Membership Fees
A yearly monetary membership fee applies to all members. These fees help cover costs associated with postage, photocopying, stationery, etc. Membership fees are on the Joining Form 
However as a ‘thank-you’ for joining and to help you get started with trading a 25 unit payment will be deposited into your LETS trading account for you to spend as you wish in the group.

How Do I Join?
Simply fill in the 'Joining Form' (Click here to download form). You can either send the form with payment to the SISLETS address on the form OR come to the next SISLETS Market where you can receive your membership trading number and start trading immediately! Contact us 

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