Siskiyou Wanderers Calendar

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Current Schedule

Please be advised much of the following hasn't been updated or checked since 2016.  It is on our "To-Do List"  We have lots of thoughts of how to improve it.

John Thomson Accepts the Wanderers' Scribe Staff from David Harris

2014 Wanderers Annual Picnic at Lake Siskiyou

The Wanderers' Staff Passes from Leslie to David for 2014
Meet David enjoying his favorite activity .. swimming in an alpine lake

Wanderers' Campout 2013
Across the dunes to the ocean on the Oregon Coast

Wanderers on Segways in Redding (May 2013)

2013 Wanderers 27th Anniversary
Mt. Shasta City Park Lodge April 11th 2013

2012 Wanderers/Meanderers 26th Anniversary

Lunch at Cold Stream Tavern Feb 2, 2012

2011 Wanderers 25th Anniversary at Mt. Shasta City Park

Wandering Campers at Diamond Lake 2010

 Bringing In The New Year
New Year's Eve luncheon and beer tasting. Fred J., Fred K. Al, Richard, Leslie, Suzanne, and Igor (photographer) celebrate surviving the perils of high wind conditions on Hoy Road and usher in the new year at the Weed Ale House. Bottoms up!

Al Enjoying a Sampler Plate at Etna Brewery

Please welcome Leslie Hart as the new Wanderers Scribe and thank Richard for his exemplary service as our scribe over the past three years!

Little Crater Lake below Mt. Eddy

Joy, Leslie, Larry, Karl, Richard & Fred (picture taken by Ted and Barry is somewhere in the vicinity) October 8, 2009

Who Are the Siskiyou Wanderers?
The Siskiyou Wanderers are a great group of active folks who hike and explore the trails of Siskiyou County every THURSDAY, rain or shine. We range in age from our 20's to one gentleman who is 83 but generally we're comprised of early retirees who love the outdoors and enjoy the company of other active friends.

The group can range in size from 6 or 8 up to 30 (on particularly popular hikes or when food is promised!) We generally meet at one of four locations, consolidate into carpools and form a caravan to the trailhead. The hikes can range from 3 to 10 miles (round-trip) and they vary in level of difficulty. The schedule gives an idea about total mileage and total altitude gain. Halfway we stop for a sack lunch at a stunning mountain lake or scenic outlook and then head back to our cars.

In the winter and earlier spring, hikes are scheduled closer to home -- often in the Shasta Valley or around Lake Siskiyou to avoid nasty snow conditions. In the spring, we schedule some amazinghikes where we can experience a wonderful show of wildflowers. And in the summer, we drive further -- out to some pretty obscure forest service roads in the Marble Mountains or Russian Wilderness.
The Siskiyou Wanderers started originally as Scott Valley Wanderers and they have been around for over 20 years. For a brief history of the Siskiyou Wanderers check out this page.

Responsibility Statement

Many of our trips are hazardous, trails are sometimes rough and rocky, and streams often require fording or crossing on logs. We may traverse steep slopes or go cross-country. Hazards exist from ticks, rattlesnakes, bears,scorpions, poison oak, giardia, falling rocks, or many other possible dangers. Your are responsible for assessing your own physical condition and ability, preferably with a doctor's consultation. Youmust provide yourself with proper footwear and equipment, as well as water, food, medication, and first aid equipment.

In case of a forced overnight stay, you should have matches, warm clothing, a flashlight, and emergency rations. In case of a serious injury, a prolonged rescue may be involved, with commensurate expenses. You are solely responsible for any actions or decisions in participating with our group.

The Siskiyou Wanderers is a group of individuals interested in hiking, skiing, boating, biking and camping who have no formal organization, no officers, or meetings. The hiking schedule is the only regular communication and it is written by a volunteer, who does so for a limited time, before dumping the burden on another poor hiker.

Prior to your first hike, you will be asked to sign a liability waiver.