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Harvesting Rainwater

Harvesting Rainwater for the Backyard Garden

We're planning a combined rainwater and greywater for the backyard garden workshop.  If you'd like to have the class install a simple rainwater or greywater system in your nearby backyard location, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.
For more information and registration: 541-482-7909,

INSTRUCTOR: Karen Taylor of Siskiyou Permaculture
Karen Taylor is fomerly of Eden on Earth Landscaping, an Arizona company specializing in rainwater harvesting and greywater systems.  She is currently an assistant instructor at all courses offered by Siskiyou Permaculture.

In this Hands-on workshop we will assess the rain water collection area, set up two rain barrels and connect to the downspout.  We will also discuss:

The benefits of rainwater collection

How to size your home rainwater system

The parts of a rain catchment system from downspout to spigot and into the garden

Materials and sources

What is legal in the City of Ashland and Jackson County

Pre-registration recommended as we have a limited number of spaces.  For more information and registration: 541-482-7909,