Siskiyou Permaculture offers short workshops in addition to our Certificate courses.  We are a member of Cascadia Permaculture Institute, as well as adhering to the concepts of professional education started by Bill Mollison and Permaculture International.  This means that our certified courses are offered at a level of information commensurate with a course of study at college level.  We provide 84 hours of instruction for the Permaculture Design Course, and 40 hours of instruction for our advanced courses.  Workshops are designed to offer primarily additional hands-on experience or an intensive look at a single subject.  

Go to Courses and Events for the schedule of current offerings and links to more information on the courses.

Siskiyou Permaculture Short Workshops:

Introduction to Permaculture
A one day workshop offered when regional areas issue an invitation.

Permaculture Design Charette
Offered once a year when we have a suitable venue offering classroom and design opportunities.

Water Resource Design Workshop
Learn to integrate water issues on a small homestead or farm by doing assessment and design for a specific site.

Home Empowerment
Installing a small-scale solar panel for independent energy.  Offered by invitation at suitable venues.

Backyard Rainwater Harvesting
A one-half day workshop with information about roofwater catchment and hands-on creation and installation of a rain barrel.

Siskiyou Permaculture Certificate Courses:

Permaculture Design Course
Generally offered once every two years over 6 weekends January to April.

Optical Surveying
Advanced permaculture certificate course over 6 days at Wolf Gulch Farm or other venues.  Offered once a year generally in the summer.

Social Forestry
Advanced permaculture certificate course over 6 days at Wolf Gulch Farm in the Little Applegate.  Offered once a year generally in January.

Harvesting Rainwater
Coming soon: Advanced permaculture certificate course over 6 days exploring the world of rainwater catchment including ponds, bulges, swales, tanks and rain gardens.

Advanced Teacher Seminar
Coming sometime: Advanced permaculture certificate course for permaculture teachers discussing best practices in teaching including curriculum, mentoring, diplomas & certification, experiential activities, difficult questions and peer to peer feedback.