Services Offered

Siskiyou Permaculture is currently offering the following services: 

Permaculture Courses and Workshops. In addition to the Permaculture Design Course, Siskiyou Permaculture offers advanced permaculture courses each year, design charettes and workshops with our teaching team of Tom Ward, Karen Taylor and Melanie Mindlin. We strive to bring you the most affordable courses possible while honoring the time and effort of the instructors and organizers.  Course participants receive certification through Cascadia Permaculture Institute, a consortium of experienced permaculture teachers in the Pacific Northwest founded in 1999.

Permaculture Counseling and Walk-Throughs.  Siskiyou Permaculture offers a basic walk-through, where we visit your site for a couple of hours and offer comments and advice about your opportunities and constraints.  This service is available for farms, homesteads, forestry lands or suburban homes.  During the walk through, we will address permaculture elements, zone and sector planning, resources and sequencing for your site.  We offer ongoing counseling on a broad range of issues including earthworks, rainwater harvesting, organic farming, zoning & land development and more.  We ask our clients to do the Homework for Homesteaders before a walk through.

Permaculture Design.  Siskiyou Permaculture is available to prepare a permaculture design for your site.  Combining the design and drafting talents of Melanie Mindlin and Karen Taylor with the long, local expertise of Tom Ward, we prepare a site design for your property incorporating your goals with the permaculture possibilities for your land and home.  Information gathered during your walk-through can be used towards a permaculture design, although additional visits for seasonal observations, measurement and follow-up questions will be needed.

Please feel free to call us and find out more about what we have to offer. 541-482-7909 or e-mail us at


2 Hour Site Walk Through  $150

plus half time for travel and $75/hour for time over 2 hours

Design Charette for your site: 6 hours with the full Siskiyou Permaculture team $800 (plus travel).  This service is available for people who have previously done a walk through with us.

Out of town design services and workshops may be available by negotiation.  Contact us for prices and possibilities.

Ongoing Permaculture Counseling & Design Services available at hourly rates.