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Optical Surveying for Earthworks & Water

Advanced Permaculture Course with Tom Ward aka Hazel
November 9-14, 2019
Wolf Gulch Farm, Little Applegate
6 day certificate course for advanced students

Basic Surveying and layout are essential skillsets for every farmer, homesteader, designer and consultant.  In this 6 day course, Tom Ward aka Hazel teaches the use of many analog (non-battery operated) surveying tools, along with advanced skills in keyline, pond and swale layout, mapping and other core knowledge necessary for design and execution of permaculture projects.  Click here for Reviews of this popular course.
Course price $675, includes camping, bring your own foo.  Early registration $575 until Oct. 9th.

Advanced Permaculture Course with Hazel aka Tom Ward
Next Course Date: February 1 - February 6, 2020
Early registration ends December 31, 2019.  Save $100 on the course price.

This is a 6 day course at Wolf Gulch in Southern Oregon

Social Forestry connects villages and communities to their forested water cathcment basin.  Here in a developed industrial empire, the forests are lonely.  We have lost our sense of living with forests as friends.  This Social Forestry course will explore reconnecting with forests through ecological knowledge, the use of hand tools and woodscrafts, seasonal festivals and work cycles, childrens' stories, pilgrimages and stewardship covenants.  We will learn ecological assessment, carbon sequestration methods, restoration forestry and the crafts and products that can be enjoyed while we are re-establishing our heart space and wonder in the woods.
Course Price: $675 includes camping; bring your own food
early registration by December 19th is $575

Click here to Register.
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Fall Social Forestry Internship
Internship Program
Next offered December 7-15, 2019
By application only

Little Applegate, Southern Oregon
Description:  In this experiential work opportunity, you will join Hazel aka Tom Ward at their homestead and social forestry experimental station for two weeks of forestry and natural building using hand tools.  4-6 hour work days will be combined with discussions and group food preparation and camp maintenance.  

Cost $200, includes camping but not food.  Students are expected to bring their own food and organize group purchase of additional supplies as needed.  You will be camping and need to bring what you will need to be comfortable in fall weather.  There is a shelter with cook stove, wood stove and work space out of the rain.
For more information or application, contact us at

Social Forestry Reunion
For Social Forestry Graduates ONLY
Feb. 15-17, 2019
Feb. 14-16, 2020


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"I took the PDC with Siskiyou Permaculture, hoping to gain some useful tools for working with my rural property.  I got what I was looking for, and so much on top of that.  If you are interested in food security, biodiversity, healthy watersheds and ecosystems, or creating community, or to simply start seeing the natural world with a whole new set of eyes, heart and inspiration, I can't think of a better place to get started than here with Tom, Melanie and Karen." 
- David PDC graduate 2014

Sunday, Dec. 8, 2019
Geos Building

2018 storytelling cancelled due to Hazel's accident
The Practice of the Wild
Sunday, Dec. 2nd
Geos Building, 84 - 4th St., Ashland
Stories of Transition
Everything is changing.  What to do"
Become people of Place!
By peering into the wide planetary news and accumulated local visioning, we will sketch transition scenarios.  How do we move forward in the the Practice of the Wild?
Are we ready to change?
This year's storytelling is dedicated to Gary Snyder, author in 1990 of The Practice of the Wild, a classic of the Deep Ecology movement.  We have previously honored David Abram's The Spell of the Sensuous.  Many other books have recently been published documenting a horticultural tending of the wild.
We will report on steps taken locally so far, tell story/visions of how to facilitate the return of Salmon and Fire, and encourage simple living in harmony with Nature

WINTER/SPRING 2019,  Ashland, OR
Course Weekends

This PDC is held over 6 weekends on the dates below.  This is the permaculture certificate course offered around the world with lots of local flavor included. This course is taught by 
Hazel  aka Tom Ward, a senior permaculturist with decades of experience, along with Melanie Mindlin and Karen Taylor plus special guests.

Course Price for 2018 is $750, early registration until January 15th  $650
For more information contact


2017 Story: Winter Forestry in the Oak Pine Savannah; A Visionary Tale of How we can Persist on this Fire Adapted Landscape without Burning Down!
as told by Hazel
Sunday December 3rd, 2017
7-9 pm
After experiencing weeks of being surrounded by wild fires and smoke, we are becoming more aware of how vulnerable our communities really are. We are beginning to understand that we live in a fire adapted landscape that has had thousands of years of tending by Native American people.  Since colonization and genocide of the tenders of the wild, the forests have become a tinder box of volatile fuels.   This year's race will guide us through the process of how we can persist on this fire adapted landscape without burning down?  The forest misses its relationship with humans and there are practices we can adopt to help us improve the health and resilience of the ecosystem while reconnecting with our true being.

Where are we and what is happening?  The long view is what matters.  Sunday, December 11, 2016
Recording available now on the video page. 

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Intermediate Permaculture Workshop
Next Charette TBA 
Gain confidence in your design skills with this workshop focused on permaculture site assessment and conceptual design for a site that includes many components of permaculture such as forestry, farming, water catchment and/or community involvement.  Students will experience in depth the way that Tom Ward does an initial assessment of a property during a walk through, followed by an exploration of ways to organize your thinking about the multi-faceted opportunities addressed through permaculture.  Team work will lead to conceptual designs and recommendations for the site.  This 3-4 day workshop is offered at the intermediate level.
Contact us if you are interested in holding this workshop at your site.  You should have a constituency of members, neighbors or other folks interested in your activities to form the core of participants.

Pond Installation Workshop
We are planning a pond installation workshop to be held at a location TBA in 2015.  This will include general instruction on earthworks, surveying of the pond site, interacting with equipment operators and planting the dam.  If you're on our mailing list, you will receive an announcement about the course.  Otherwise, watch this page for updates.

Water Resource Design Charette
Next Charette TBA
Learn how to integrate and balance water resources on a small homestead or farm in Southern Oregon.  We explore strategies for drought proofing, rainwater harvesting, greywater, irrigation district water utilization, small scale carbon farming and horticultural self-reliance based on careful use of water. This course uses an open consultancy and design charette format.

Free Talk with Tom Ward aka Tomi Hazel
Each autumn, we offer a free talk at a public venue in Ashland.  In 2013, the talk was on Seasonal Cycles of Work in the Siskiyous, see video on the Video page. 2014 brought us Acorn Woman and her Ecological Consorts, audio recording available on the video page. The 2015 talk was Pilgrimage to Mt. Shasta, video on the video page.  2016: Now, Then Forever, a state of the bioregion story.

Advanced Course in Teaching
We have plans for an advanced seminar for students who have taken the Permaculture Teachers Training to work on curriculum, participatory learning techniques, course materials, peer support and the process for the diploma in teaching.  Contact us to give us encouragement if you are interested in taking this course.

Botany Up Close and Permacultural
Wolf Gulch Farm, Little Applegate Road

Siskiyou Permaculture is offering its first botany course, a 6-day field intensive designed to be an essential part of training for stewards of earth repair, practitioners of Social Forestry or simply an opportunity to delve into the world of plants.  We will look at plants within their ecological and ethnobotanical contexts, exploring the eco-tones of our laboratory: the Little Applegate valley within the bio-region of the Siskiyous.  Through storytelling, drawing, plant walks, discussion and botanical survey, we will hone our observation skills, gain fluency in identifying plants, use plan family key recognition characteristics and build aptitude with analog plant identification resources.  In this field immersion we will experience coming into relationship with the plant world with all of our senses.  More Info.

Instructors: Tom Ward aka Hazel, Mulysa Melco and guests
Fee  Includes camping; bring your own food.