Optical Surveying for Earthworks
An Advanced Permaculture Course
Sharpen Your Eyes, Layout Skills for Earth Works and Water
Advanced Permaculture Certificate Course


Day 1

10 AM    Introductions , course preview, logistics and check in

11 AM     Earthworks Design and surveying tools used 

                 for assesment and layout
12:00       Lunch 
1 PM        Introduction to Tools and Practice Stations, 

                 accuracy and tolerance
3 PM       Tea, camp site information
4 PM       Observing Natural Flows: weather, soils, water, 

                ecosystems assessment

5 PM       Practice Stations, Hands on use of surveying tools

Day 2

9 AM Keyline Review, tour of site water features and field layouts

12 PM     Lunch

1 PM       Swale design and staking, Implementation sequence

3 PM       Tea

3:30         Mapping and map reading, orienteering and compass, solar assessment, compass course

Day 3

9AM Measure road slope, Tour keyline trails and ridge pond site, Construct cross section map

12 PM     Lunch

1PM        Review and questions, Homework assignments

2 PM       A-frame, Water level, Tool accuracy assessment

3 PM     Tea

3:30       More practice at stations

Day 4

10AM Check-in, Logistics, Questions, Review and Weekend preview

11 AM    Stake trail and assess forest structure

12 PM    Lunch

1 PM     Assess pond, water line, spillway and volume, 

               Discuss spring development, head, pipe path, pipe size and pressure 

3 PM     Tea

4 PM     Assess field keyline ripping pattern, 

              Measure ditch slope, keyline canal 

Day 5

9AM        Check-in, logistics, review and questions, daily preview

10 AM    Little Wolf Gulch site tour, review restoration forestry, 

                Measure top bank to spring box elevation, roof elevation

12 PM     Lunch

1 PM Flag keyline forestry trails, Measure drop from spring to spring box

3 PM       Tea

3:30         Continue surveying and review and questions

Day 6

9AM Check-in, logistics, review and questions, daily preview

10 AM    Check levels and scopes for accuracy, practice on stations

12 PM    Lunch

1 PM     Build Swale

3 PM     Tea 

3:30       Questions and Answers, wrap up, Certificates, good byes

4:30       break camp, clean up